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If you are not religious, why do you celebrate Easter?

Asked by downtide (23485points) April 24th, 2011

Assuming that you are such a person, of course. Do you celebrate Easter if you’re not religious? And if so why?

I’m aware that Easter has two different meanings; as well as being the celebration of the resurrection of Christ it’s also the pagan fertilty festival of Eostre, hence eggs, chicks and bunnies. Is there any meaning to Easter for people who are neither Christian nor Pagan? Or is it just about the chocolate?

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I don’t really “celebrate” it. My family sets up an easter egg hunt for the little ones, but I’m not sure if they know why we’re hiding chocolate around the house for them to find. It’s just a fun thing to do, I guess. Now that I think about it, It seems kind of silly. Hmph.

I just like chocolate…. (when it’s on sale next week)!

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It’s just a holiday period for me, like Xmas. No point in fighting it just because some people choose these dates for religious celebration, I’ll go with the flow without taking on board the sentiment.

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For the family feelings, the tradition, and the chocolate. Oh, and the drinking! We invite friends and family (sometimes relative strangers, too) to our Easter dinner/party every year, and it involves copious amounts of alcohol. Lots of fun. The kids are candy-drunk, the adults are drunk-drunk. Well, tipsy, anyway.

I’m sick this year, so it might not be so much fun for me. :(

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@augustlan Awwww, I’m sorry – get well real soon.

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For the fun of it. :p

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We have an Easter celebration because it’s just what we’ve always done. It’s a good reason to get together with the family and let the kids have fun. Due to crummy weather we had our Easter celebration yesterday.

@augustlan Feel good soon!

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@augustlan I hope you feel better soon.

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I believe in God but am not religious as in attending church, praying daily, etc. I celebrate Easter for the tradition of being with my family, now I have a child and she got stuff from the Easter Bunny as I used to when I was little. It’s a day to have dinner with the family, get some Easter stuff from the family, and enjoy the (hopeful) arrival of Spring! Plus I love bunnies so anything that was too cute to pass up that had bunnies I had to purchase…salt and pepper shakers, etc.

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@nikkiduq I think this is the best reason :) If it’s not fun it’s not worth doing.

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@Auggie Feel better soon.

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I celebrate the abundance of yummy, cheap chocolate the day after!

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It’s very difficult these days when you have kids not to celebrate these things… they’d get ribbed in school and feel like outsiders, which is the main reason I just go along with it all… but I try to keep the spending to a minimum so as not to feed into the hands of the big businesses….

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I don’t celebrate Easter per se. When I was a kid, it was all about Easter egg hunts and candy that my dad could swipe from our baskets over the next couple of weeks while we weren’t looking.

Now it’s a four-day weekend and half-price candy afterward.

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It’s a family get-together (the rest of my family is more-or-less religious.) I don’t “celebrate” Easter; I just like the social part.

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Most do it for tradition.

Oh not to mention that it’s a holiday given by state in most countries no matter what religion predominates.

And there’s always the ” we got candy/food/items for X occasion” coming from shop owners just for some gains.

I celebrate it because i value it’s true meaning [ who doesn’t like the religious aproach best not judge my opinion thanks ]

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I don’t celebrate it, I just hang out with people that do. I’m not going to be a douchebag and decline everyone’s invitations lol.

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I’m a huge hypocrite.

but at least i’m an honest hypocrite

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I don’t celebrate Easter I just enjoy the time off work! I’m not even a huge chocolate fan.

Edit: Also I agree with @jca, I do believe in God but I wouldn’t call myself religious and I don’t take the Bible literally which is why I don’t “celebrate” Easter.

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@Blondesjon Nuh-uh. I don’t like milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate. I’m an equally opportunities chocolate disliker!

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Gor the same reason I celebrate Passover, Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Purim, Sukkot, etc. And I’m an atheist.

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Count me among those who don’t necessarily “celebrate” Easter. Even the Catholic branch of my family doesn’t go to church on Easter Sunday (nor do they acknowledge lent, really.) Easter is just a pleasant excuse to visit family, light up the barbecue, eat chocolate, and play cards. We’re a close-knit family.

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The mall’s closed, so I can’t work today. All my friends are with their families, so I’m bored. Schools closed, so I can’t drop off what I need to drop off. Might as well bring chocolate to my mom and watch Harry Potter movies!

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If you are christian, why do you incorporate heathen components into the holiday (the eggs, the easter bunny)?

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I celebrate Easter because my parents did. If they hadn’t, I wouldn’t.

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@Rarebear Good idea. I’m going to celebrate all religious holidays from now on. Hopefully I can get a lot of my family and friends on board. All of them will basically be a bunch of people drinking and eating.

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For the food! Who needs a better reason?

I’m going to start celebrating Jewish and Hindu holidays soon, too, I think.

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@Rarebear & @cockswain – I’m liking this idea. Perhaps I ought to set something up like the Church of the Holy Wholly Celebrations, which basically takes all the holidays of every religion that anyone can think of. I’m sure Jesus would approve, he liked a party.

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I don’t celebrate Easter, but I do enjoy the few days off!
And the chocolate

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I’m not religious but my family “celebrates” the Easter holiday as a time to get together, visit and gift each other, just because. We like the idea of a special day we can compel each other to meet up, cook together or go somewhere to eat and update each other on our lives.

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What does religious affiliation have to do with liking candy?

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@cockswain That’s exactly right. The Jewish motto: “They tried to kill us. We survived. Let’s eat!”

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Ham and zombie Jesus.

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I told my boyfriend I’d pay him 50 bucks to dress up like Elmer Fudd next Easter and go wabbit hunting at the mall with a broom. :D

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@Rarebear I love that motto. What a great attitude.

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Well I just wanted to say, regardless of the reasons why you celebrate, I hope you all had a fantastic Easter.

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@downtide Even though I wasn’t feeling well, we had a fantastic day. Hope yours was great, too!

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