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How many people do you recognize just by looking at the avatar?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) April 24th, 2011

I know quite a few Jellies just by looking at their avatar, and knowing who they are, however with the YARNPOCALYPSE, I had to actually take time to look at peoples names, which was actually annoying. How many jellies do you know just by their avatar?

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Pretty much all of them XD That’s why a sudden avatar change always confuzzles meh.

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A lot of people. I was so confused yesterday and saw like, six YARNLADIES.

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I know a lot of Jellies on sight. I was confused for a minute but figured it out pretty quick…I’m pretty smart.

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Today, not many.

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I recognize Jellies more for the quality and tone of their content than from a thumbnail.

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None. I read what they say only.

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All of them.

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Probably about 50.

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I can think of about a dozen that I know by the avatar (@janbb for example). We have had this kind of avatar madness before (remember when a large number of jellies changed their avatar to Astrochuck’s?!)

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I am pretty much avatar dependent (as I learned today). I do like it when people take their own avatar and jazz it up in some way (@Jeruba adds hats, @astrochuck adds antennae, etc.), but I have only changed mine once (from my older dog to my younger dog) and may change back or go to a photo of the cat, but that’s about it. Some avatars SCREAM for alteration . . . (and sometimes the alteration is quite subtle when viewed as a small avatar in a thread!)

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I use avatars when scrolling through lots of answers…i am confused by all the yarnlady’s though!!!

downtide's avatar

Just a few. My eyesight is too bad to be able to tell what most of the avatars are anyway. They’re far too small for me.

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@Kayak8 – love your bunny ears!!!

I love the distinctive avatars, the stock ones are a little boring and unimaginative.

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I read the names, I can barely see most of the avatars.

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I have come to recognize quite a few of the avatars and get confused when they change.

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@wilma Like when this happens?

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I look at their post first, then their name & finally their avatar. So I guess my answer is none, I think!

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I recognize the ones that never change their avatar. I usually look at the name and the post first, both at the same time.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

Probably 99%. I learn new avatars quickly, but usually I know who they are right away by the picture. The Yarnlady invasion messed me up pretty bad. Then again, I change my avatar all the time, now I kind of feel like I shouldn’t do that to people. ha.

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I register the avatar. I know who has which avatar.

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If it’s dark, then no because the majority of them are dark. If not, then yes.

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I recognize about 85% of jellies by avatar.

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Probably around 15. I look at the answer more than anything. There are probably 6 or 7 that I notice their avatar first. Seazen, filmfann, auggie, janbb, can’t even think of a couple more right now. Certain subjects I look for specific people. Like medical questions I look for the doctors. Everyone being yarnlady was a little jarring though.

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I recognize a lot of jellies by their avatar.

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At least 42.

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@erichw1504 You forgot me. That makes it 43

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Nobody recognizes my avatar? I made it myself :)

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@dxs Who are you?

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@dxs Oh, hi An Enigma.

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I think people would know me by the person in my avatar (me), but I do change my avatar pretty often…

But I definitely recognize a fair mount of people by their avatars who almost never change them…in those cases the avatar is like an extension of the username.

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I usually have one of my dog’s head, for the time being and just for fun I am using her other end, heheheh.

@DominicX – that’s an interesting new one you have!

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Everyone seems to have changed their avatars recently…it must be something in the air a lot of my facebook friends have changed their profile pics too!!

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I pretty much only know by the avatar. Stop changing your pic, it’s confusing!

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I’m a little late to this question but I’d have to say about 180, but that was back when I was very, very active on the site. Everyone who was in my Fluther before it was deleted (so I’d stop crashing the site every time I changed my avatar) was someone I interacted with a LOT. So I knew their avatars like it was their face.

But I can recognize about 20 people on here by there words, which I think is far more impressive. Jeruba and gailcalled deserve an honorable mention there.

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