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Who is freaking excited for summer? What are your plans?

Asked by global_nomad (1906points) April 24th, 2011

Are you just waiting for it to warm up a bit more? I, for one, am so looking forward to the summer! I’m not too sure of my plans but I’m hoping they will involve a lot of beach time, and sigh my inevitable thesis. What are your summer plans? I want to know all the fun things that other Futherites are doing!

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I’m probably just going to work a lot this summer. All of my best friends are going away… one is going to Texas to sell books, the other will be in Nashville, and still another is moving to New York… so I’m going to be really lonely. I’ll fill the void with a lot of camping and moneymaking.

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I won’t be doing much. I’ll be having a baby sometime in June and other than going to a few family functions this summer, I plan on taking it easy and enjoying my time with my new little one and my son before he has to go back to school and I have to go back to work.

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As a homemaker, every day is exactly like every other day for me. I have no weekends, holidays or vacations. I choose when I go to bed and when I wake up, and what tasks I am going to work on each day. I like it that way.

I have a lovely front courtyard and a back yard with a pool. I enjoy every single day of the year.

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Going to Russia for a while, then to the Netherlands and Milan to see some of my most favorite bands in the world to play!

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I can’t wait to spruce up my lawn and hopefully plant some flowers this year. (Boring)

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Trapped indoors with the air conditioning cranking.

Taking three to four showers a day because I have to take a shower every time I come in from outside, even if it was for ten seconds.

I HATE summer!!!

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I just got my first real job, so I don’t think I’ll be having too much of a summer. I’m going to try to get to more concerts though and spend more time outside. I am also planning on moving by the end of the summer for sure.

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I’m going to visit Lucille for two weeks!

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I hope to get my boat launched in the next week or two.I will be doing alot of that.I also like riding my bicycle and birdwatching Yeah,that’s right! ;) among other things and @Vunessuh is coming for two weeks this July in case you haven’t heard.:)

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The summer just means lots of playground trips for my family. I’m so over this “it’s super hot, then super rainy then cold” ugh, I wish we still had the season formally known as “Spring”.

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Well in Australia we are heading into Winter, so I’m planning trackies, hoddie, ipod, fire place, facebook and fluther and I’m set (:

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I am very excited about summer because winter was so damned long.
I plan on working this summer as I was unemployed last summer and that is my happy dance for this year.
Aside from that, daily walks on the beach are much nicer in the summer.
Weekend trips to NYC, DC, Quebec are all in the plans

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I am finally going to get to take a few vacation days this summer to go with my boys to their Scout summer camp. My parents will be visiting me in my new house in July and got a few decent concerts lined up. Also plan on blasting up river to the sand bar in my boat and get some serious tube floating listening to tunes in the summer sun.

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Normally, I’m not the biggest fan of summer. The weather is still an unpleasant future (we laready have 80-degree weather coming up… it’s only going to get warmer and warmer.) However, I am excited to help my significant other redecorate their room. We are also tentatively planning a road trip to San Francisco. I’ll also be compiling research for a new paper topics and a proposal for my graduate thesis (what can I say? I’m excited about finishing my undergraduate studies and want to get a jump start on things.) If I get a promotion at work, then I’ll be going through training as well.

So there are little things I have planned so far. It’s a nice change from the previous summers in which the only thing I really had to look forward to was summer ending and school beginning again.

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Does she have any drawers on!!? O_o
I’m not sure what I’ll do this summer. I’ll think about it tomorrow.

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Too far away as yet- doesn’t start until December here.

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@Harold are you from Austalia too?

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R and more R.

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@takeachance – Yep, Sydney. And you?

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@Harold – yerp im in NSW about 5 hours from Sydney, I dont know if you have heard of it but a town near Junee.

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Work. My Birthday. Summer program.

When soon the summer over, i will packing and going to college to begin my college LIFE!

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