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Both my friend and I got strange text messages from a mutual friend. Is this a sign her phone was stolen or is there a chance her phone is somehow being pirated without her knowing?

Asked by evanandersbrother (6points) April 21st, 2008
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What did the text messages say?

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The messages said “Was this fun for you?” (on my phone) and “Now you know. The game is over” (on my friend’s phone). She’s out of town- we tried calling to ask her what’s going on but she didn’t answer.

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It seems like someone has her phone and is just messing around with you, if it was being pirated it would probably have like “free ringtones!” sort of text messages

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So was it fun for you or not?

I’d call her before concluding anything more than a prank has happened. My guess is that a friend is behind this. :-/

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I would email her, rather than call her, in case her phone is actually stolen/lost.

But what time did you get those messages? Is there a chance that if the messages were sent late at night, she may have been confused and/or out drinking and either texted the wrong person or had a friend swipe her phone and prank you?

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Damn drunk texting! I abstain from technology when I’m getting my drink on.

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@ birdle, haha! i do the same thing, only when i’m sleeping…

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depends what was on the messages

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