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What type of commune do you want to live in?

Asked by JLeslie (57044points) April 24th, 2011

That is, assuming you want to live on a commune.

Mine is most likely in a tropical climate, and it can be a large condominium building, or small cottages on a big piece of land. If it is little house there are paths that connect everything; you can use a golf cart, walk, segway, and bicycle to get places on the paths.

As “green” as possible, while still having all the modern conveniences. Solar power, instant hot (no hot water heater, except for one at the main rec center) reservoir for rain water to be used on the lawns. There would be a farm and some green houses. A main house with a gym, aerobics room, dining hall, pool, and a couple tennis courts, dinner will be served every evening. People can opt to eat there, or in their own homes. Everyone is required to cook one meal a month for the community. People will take on different chores according to their skills. People can trade jobs, an hour of work for an hour of work. So someone can clean houses and earn “hours” and then use their hours to buy an hour of babysitting, or medical care, or computer help, or whatever, depending on what skills are available on the commune.

I wouldn’t be into a nudist colony or anything like that.

Outsiders are allowed in at any time, all friends and family are welcome.

I almost forgot, I want to give credit to incendiary_dan for giving me the idea for this question. I hope he answers.

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The one you describe sounds ideal!

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I’ll join yours too.

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I want to live in a cat-bus.

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Artist colony. Musicians, dancers, artists, and all kinds of others live here. Our food is prepared for us. We each get a little cabin that has everything we need in it. Every cabin has a spectacular view—of ocean, mountain, urban or whatever kind of view you want.

We work during the day and then at night we eat dinner and the readings and performances start. Everyone can play. Sometimes there are improvisational collaborations.

Bike paths. Playing fields, streams to canoe or kayak or whatever appeals to you. But it’s the conversations and friendships and the love expressed that makes this the place I want to live in the rest of my life.

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That doesn’t sound green, aside from the color of the tennis court. :P

Mine, the one I might be actually building, will be a semi-primitive ecovillage with a few families and couples living together. We’ll live in nice yurts, each maybe with a solar panel and heated by a wood stove. Might move up to earth bermed hobbit holes some day. We’ll practice companion planting, permaculture, and use combinations of hunting, fishing, trapping, and foraging to feed ourselves, at least primarily. Maybe raise a few goats and ducks. Decisions made by direct democracy with the goal of consensus. Gift economies for the necessities. The people I would do this with are basically all wilderness skills instructors like me or are at least interested in bushcraft, so most of us are proficient at fabricating and maintaining tools. We’d probably make it a sort of “living laboratory” to not only show that making a transition to that way of life is possible and desirable, but also teach classes (like we do already anyway).

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Some of my college friends and I were thinking about buying some property up on the edge of the National Park after we graduate, and building an Ewok village with these things to live in.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That’s awesome. Looks a bit small, though.

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You’ve painted such a vivid picture, @JLeslie that I think I’ll just move into yours.

But if I wanted to have some fun with it, I’d envision the same sort of setup but filled with only RWNJs (right-wing nut jobs) and I’d just cook up some popcorn and watch the fun as they all begin freaking out.

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GQ Leslie.

I’ll join yours, or @wundayatta – hell, let’s start a fluther commune. I’ll bring the guitar, you bring a big bong.

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Small coastal town with beach overlook/access.
Small cottages built of “green” stuffs.
A nursery open to the public.
An orchard.
A few fields for growing vegies.
A bakery.
A ceramics studio.
A metal fabrication/jewelry studio.
A heliport for helicopter tours.
An ex soviet observatory sub used for public tours of the ocean.
A textiles studio.

Everyone would learn first aid, firearms handling, camping/survival skills.
Everyone would have the opportunity to learn crafts that could be sold to the public.
Everyone would bring to the table some “on grid” job or skill at least part time that would contribute to the commune’s revenue.
All members would be friends who would actually enjoy being in each other’s company and contributing to each other in order to afford a safe, clean, healthy lifestyle that would afford travel together and support.

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Mine is kinda like my MIL’s community in Southeast FL except that one is not as ecofriendly as I would like (even though @incendiary_dan said mine is far from ecofriendly) and hers does not have a community dining room, but rather a bagel/deli place that is open for breakfast and lunch. There also is not a farm or veggie garden right on the property, just Publix across the street. Her place has in addition to what I mentioned a putting green and basketball court.

Maybe I just need to move back to FL?

But, my commune is full of my closest friends and family I think. That is the real diffence. Like college in dorms all over again.

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Mine would be a one BR Ranch Log Cabin on 500 acres of prime NC foothill land with a pond off the back porch. The only communing I would want to do is with Nature.

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An island paradise crammed with nympho sex slaves. Just as long as there’s running water & a competent internet connection.

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