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Who coined the warning, "Unattended children will be given a shot of espresso and a free puppy?"?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11666points) April 24th, 2011

I first saw it in a coffeeshop in San Francisco. Then I saw it at a bookstore in Chapel Hill. Finally, I just saw it in a pottery studio in Washington, D.C.

I had credited the coffeeshop for thinking of this clever sign, but apparently they’re not the only ones who use it. Has anyone seen it anywhere or know the history?

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I’ve seen it quite a few places and I think it’s been around long enough for it’s origins to be pretty hard to pin down.

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That’s too bad! It was one of the reasons I chose this particular coffeeshop to be my favorite. Weird how I never saw it for 22 years but now it’s everywhere (I guess I should have left smalltown new england long ago)

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I have no idea, but it’s hilarious.

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I don’t know,but I like it.:)

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I’ve seen a variation of that stating free kitten and shot of espresso. I lurve it and would like to have a placard of it in both of our showrooms.

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In the US? Gee whiz you whippersnappers don’t remember when we didn’t used to have espresso in every strip mall. The phrase can’t be too old could it? San Francisco and Seattle were a couple of the hotspots of the coffee renaissance in the 70’s [in which we broke the bonds of instant Foldgers Crystals and Sanka] Some clever etymologist might be able to track down earliest recorded use.

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Can I get an address? I am looking for a puppy and I have a trampoline the kid can spend the couples hours it would take to unwind!

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@blueiiznh That’s so cute! The last thing my puppy needs is more energy…

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@Dr_Dredd true dat! my puppy boosts my need for octane too.

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Just a threat? I wish. For shits and giggles, my 19 year old son gave my 8 year old daughter a full can of Monster drink, and I didn’t have Cruiser’s trampoline to help out. I still haven’t forgiven him (my son, not Cruiser).—_— And we didn’t get a kitty or puppy out of it either.

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Was it mad John McMad from madtown?

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