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Windows automatic update just shut down my computer automatically, only to not boot up again, how can I fix this?

Asked by fortris (680points) April 24th, 2011

In a co-op game of portal, windows automatic update (which I swore I turned off) reset my computer and now I only get a black screen whenever I turn it on. I booted into OSX, opened Parallels and it worked fine, so why can’t I ACTUALLY boot it?

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And what bootloader are you using? I assume that it isn’t the normal Microsoft one since you are on a Mac. That means some funky interactions when the software tries to control hardware expecting a standard PC with a normal BIOS and all.

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@jerv I’m not exactly sure, all I know is that safe mode doesn’t even work. It’s basically like it just freezes mid-boot.

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I am going to assume Boot Camp then :/

Unfortunately, I am running on fumes here and getting a bit silly, so I can’t think of a good fix right now, so let me grab a few Zs and I’ll get back to you unless someone like @gorillapaws beats me to it.

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@jerv I appreciate any help at all, if it helps this has happened in the past, but usually hard resetting it a couple time fixes it. That hasn’t happened here.

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The first step I recommend is getting hold of a live-boot environment, like a Linux CD or something like Bart’s PE if you have a licensed copy of windows.
IMO Parted Magic is a particularly good choice because it comes with lots of tools for diagnosis and repair of filesystem troubles.
A live FreeBSD disk might be an even better deal, but I don’t know if one exists nor much of anything about the Mac in general, so here’s where I bow out.

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You can fix this easily! Replace Windows with Linux (I prefer Ubuntu) and run your Windows games under WINE (WINdows Emulator). Linux never does rude things like rebooting while you’re in the middle of something.

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@HungryGuy Already have Ubuntu and it’s just not for me, sorry.

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@fortris – No problem :-)

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Which Linux distro is best is the subject of many flame wars, but I have seen some that are functionally and cosmetically identical to OS X and WinXP, as well as many strictly utilitarian ones that are meant only for troubleshooting and not for everyday use.
I find that last group most useful in situations like yours.

BTW, did you look at that rEFIt link I posted elsewhere?

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Some extra info, I can successfully boot it in Parallels , yet when I try to boot it normally it cuts to black after the first Microsoft scrolling bar and powers off my USB devices. (my mouse and keyboard suddenly shut off)

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Fixed, apparently a USB device was causing the problem.

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