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What is the train ride like on the way to Ankara, Turkey from Izmir?

Asked by twothecat (394points) April 25th, 2011

Has anyone taken this trip? It’s a 14 hour journey, but I was wondering what kind of landscape the train traversed. Mountainous, flat, boring, forested?

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I wonder if anyone on Fluther has even been to Turkey.

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I’m envious of your trip to Turkey.

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It’s just a train ride FFS! It’s too cold then it’s too hot then it’s too cold etc.. You sit with people you want to kill. The windows show stuff that could be on a TV. You you wish you were in a hotel room, looking at a TV. It takes too long, and then gets delayed even more.

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Or you get a sleeper, travel at night, and magically wake up in Izmir.

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@BarnacleBill – I hate you! You and your lovely travel experiences. May you be cast into the lowest levels of the London Underground!

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I know, Turkey isn’t exactly the vacation destination of choice these days.

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Actually it’s supposed to be wonderful.

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I would give anything to go to Turkey. Cappadocia sounds fabulous.

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