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Your best or worst law school study moments?

Asked by SofaKingWright (530points) April 25th, 2011

I never thought it would be easy, but after two weeks of solitary confinement studying working up to exams in a month, I’m starting to think I must be going mad!

You know you are a law student when the cases actually start to become funny…. the thing is, no one else laughs!

Does anyone have some law school related, or just school related stories to tell?

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Nothing to do with law school, though the situation could be similar. In my Geography class we had to watch countless videos of natural disasters. They were sad at first and some even moved me to tears…but after about four weeks of watching nothing but documentaries and news reports, the whole class burst out laughing at a woman who videoed her dog struggling to swim in a flooded house. The funny thing is, the woman controlling the camera sounded as though she was crying at her dog trying to get to safety on the coffee table – but she did nothing to help the poor animal; she just tearfully filmed it.

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My personal favorite that I read recently was concerning psychiatric injury in tort….. anyway, someone was able to claim as a secondary victim because he handed his work partner, who was on top of a ladder, a metal pole they were working on. The metal pole happened to make contact with an above electrical wire, and the man heard a hissing and popping and watched as his partner fell to the ground, dead. He was a secondary victim because it “could have been him at the other end of the pole”. For some reason that really got me laughing. Either I am a terrible person or just going crazy, I’ll let you pick!

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@SofaKingWright Did the estate of the guy who died go after the first guy for wrongful death? :-)

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As far as I know… the pole hit the wire after the first guy handed it over…. so I suppose technically it is the dead guy’s fault! If it had been the first guy he probably would have gotten fried first. (>.<)

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After my first week of law school, we were told that we had to evacuate. I was in New Orleans. 2008.

I spent my first semester at another school, studying while sleeping on couches.

It was awesome because my two semesters, first at another school and back at my own for the second, were spent not worrying about the typical first-year BS. Try not to let it get you down.

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Law school was brutal. There is more to read than is humanly possible. Before law school I loved to read and brief cases—school ruined that for me! I’m just glad I’ll never have to do it again. Good luck to you.

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Reading through other people’s notes and seeing comments like “shut up with your stupid questions.” Not sure who that was directed to…

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@perspicacious Sounds like med school, too…

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