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Is there a way to get rid of stretch marks?

Asked by apple10 (27points) April 22nd, 2008 from iPhone
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Laser… Google it too.

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Strech marks are basicly scars, so you won’t get actually rid of them. There are suplements that can be obtained from your doctor’s office. For the real deal you will need a recipe from a doctor. Most of the suplements are lotions and ointments that fade scars.

You could always go for a healthy tan, that always improves the skin and hides imperfections.

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tans cause wrinkles and always damages the skin,the tanner u r the more damage u cause to the skin

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using lotion constantly will help fade stretch marks a little bit.

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I know that some pregnant women rub cocoa butter on their skin to prevent stretch marks…but I think once you have them, they are there. Teach your self to like ‘em…think of them as a physical manifestation of growth.

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There are also a few pretty good firming lotions that help a bit too. They just tighten the skin back up a little bit. It won’t make your stretch marks fade, but there are other things for that. When your skin is more firm they are also less noticeable (at least on me). I’ve been blessed with them, myself – I understand your pain. :) There’s always the tummy-tuck option, though rather costly, painful and somewhat risky.

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