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What were you doing when you should have been in class?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) April 25th, 2011

A few friends of mine convinced me to skip class the day before Spring Break, and going along with it was one of the best decisions of the day. Instead of going to class, we spent the afternoon listening to vinyls on a record player we found in the school. This was my first time ever skipping a class, and I think it’ll be a fun thing to look back on.

Do you have any interesting or memorable stories about a time you cut class? Also, I’m not advocating cutting class, nor do I want to debate the merits of doing so lol

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One of the few times I ditched school we went to the arboretum hiked around and climbed trees the whole day. I am convinced that kick-started my love affair with the great outdoors.

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I can’t answer this question, because I never skip class. Since I went back to school three years ago, I’ve missed exactly one class, and that’s because I had church that night. I still got my professor’s permission to miss class too. What can I say? Teacher’s pet, lol!

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Two weeks into my senior year of high school, my best friend convinced me to skip school. Since I was “the good kid” my dad allowed me to drive his brand new custom station wagon to school. It was pouring rain and we picked up her boyfriend and away we went on back country roads.

As I topped a hill doing about 50 mph, I hit a coal truck head-on. It nearly killed all of us. We missed the entire first half of our senior year and were homebound until February.

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I used to give myself a day in the spring to enjoy the weather.
One normal ritual was to go to the Red Sox home opener at Fenway.

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I never skipped school before college a few times, my mom would let me stay home even if I wasn’t sick, but I don’t consider that skipping but I have skipped lots of classes in college. Usually when I’m supposed to be in class, I’m doing one of the following activities:

Eating lunch.
Having sex.
Doing laundry.
Watching a movie.
Doing homework for another class.

Yeah, I’m not very interesting when I’m skipping. :P

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I normally skip school to sleep, easy as that. Sometimes my bed is just too comfy for me to leave it.

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My second cousin cut class for Senior Skip Day. She and her friends went out on the lake with the speedboat. When night fell and they still weren’t back, her parents knew something was wrong. She and another of her friends were on a tube pulled by the boat. When they fell off, the boat came around to pick them up. Instead of picking them up, the boat ran them over. They both died.

Be careful skipping class. Its not always “the best decision of the day.”

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There was one time freshman year of high school where I skipped, or tried to, to hang out with a girl I was interested in at the time. Her teacher notices me and starts asking me about my classes and whatnot, then he goes, “I can’t let you stay here, but I will give you a late pass, so enjoy your day, young rebel.” Or something along those lines with an absurd name for me. I found it amusing, especially since I really wasn’t a rebel, that I didn’t mind that I missed out on a potentially fun skipped class with that girl, who wasn’t skipping class.

@Joker94 Ol’ Freebie for the win!

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@ddude1116 Ol’ Freebie is my homeboy!

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I skipped basically all of a class for a month in college so I could read the entire Harry Potter series.

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Climb up a tree,
Soak up a beer,
Roll up a joint,
‘coz Summer is here! ☀

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@incendiary_dan It took you a month?!?

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For the first two years in high school, when I cut, I just stayed at home and played counter-strike. In Junior year, I cut to wait in line for concerts with some friends. Then I stopped cutting in senior year because I enjoyed my classes.

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@klutzaroo Well I was going to most of my classes. Just not that one.

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I skipped a day once to go with my friend to her school.XD
I just couldn’t stay away from them

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I’ve only skipped class twice in college. Both of them Arabic class. Once it was because I was waiting in line for free Dierks Bentley concert tickets and the other was because I hadn’t done the homework and just wanted to sleep. So I did.

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I never skipped a class, but I did skip full days of school sort of. Staying home when I didn’t feel like going, usually because I was so tired in the morning. I just slept and watched TV.

I never skipped in college, I scheduled my classes late.

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1st time I cut school, 8th grade, my friends and I got drunk and had to walk 5 miles home. That sucked.

I used to cut class in high school to smoke pot, and then get something to eat.

Didn’t need much of an excuse in college to do the same, although I usually went to class because I didn’t do homework and needed to hear the lectures.

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Playing Euchre, baha-ing in my boyfriend’s truck (over the University’s field), drinking and having sex.

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In high school, my senior year, I cut class all the time to go buy beer at a store that sold to anyone that could get the money on the counter. (I’d already been accepted to college).

In college I missed class for every reason from being hung over or sleeping to having it conflict with the schedule of my softball team.

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Some genius….dirty bastard from school, had found a ventilation “peep hole” in the boiler room next door to the girl’s changing rooms. Well I just had to go see for myself now didn’t I? Purely for research purposes of course, I was studying anatomy at the time.

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I only skipped class one time in my whole life. It was in my freshman year of college. The Rolling Stones were coming to town and the whole class and practically everybody else I knew (under age 25) was going. Even though there was festival seating and we got in line at six in the morning, my idiot friends had no clue of how to quickly and efficiently get to the front. So we ended up sitting miles away from the stage, the sound system in the stadium was horrible and I ended up with an awful sunburn because we had been outside from the first light of dawn until the sun went down.

This was in the days before it was common place to have a tatoo. Females, simply didn’t have tatoos unless they were running with a bad crowd. But I was a pretty good artist and managed to use lipstick and eyeliner to draw the Stones logo on my arm. You wouldn’t believe the amount of shocked people who came up to me and couldn’t believe that I had actually gotten a tatoo. But then they were thrilled to hear that it was just lipstick and that I had done a great job of applying it.

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I never did it, but if I could go back in time I would give it a try and spend the day at the beach.

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Making out with the track team.

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Many years ago in high school, it was still okay to blow off assemblies. (It helped that I was a known goody-two-shoes, so I wasn’t on any watch lists, if they even existed.) I went off hiking instead. Slipped on a rock in a creek and very nearly broke my kneecap—I still have the scar today. I don’t regret a moment of it, then or now! ^_^

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I skipped class and ran away to Canada one day. True story.

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@KatetheGreat Dang! That beats my story by a mile

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@Joker94 I’d love to tell you the story sometime. I think you’d enjoy it.

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I skipped one day with my friend because it was raining. She lives down the street from me so she came over and we watched a movie and fell asleep instead.

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Bareback horseback riding on a horse I saw standing in a field.

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@YARNLADY Dude, you just mounted some random horse? That’s pretty cool lol.

Skipping. I was pretty good at that, and dropping out of school eventually, too. I never really did anything productive or interesting though, although it was interesting to me at the time. Mostly skipping whole days to hang around other delinquents and get stoned, drunk or just loiter around all day.

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Uhm, I’ve never skipped school before. I know someone that has skipped multiple times though. And one time I told one of my friends (the friend mentioned in the only question I’ve asked) that if I ever caught him skipping school I would whack him upside the head. He knows how hard I can hit seeing as I punched him once so he just shut up about it.

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@Symbeline I had seen it there many times before, and it came over when I approached the fence, so I climbed up and got on. The horse rambled around the field for awhile, and I had a great time.

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The last time I skipped class I spent almost the whole day in the music department of my school. Before school: concert band. Period 1: Music. Period 2: Music. Interval and Period 3: ‘Mixed Concert Ensemble instead of PE. Period 4: English. Period 5: I convinced my music teacher to give me a trombone lesson so I didn’t have to go to Latin. Beginning of Period 6: I went and talked to my Latin teacher for ten minutes. Period 6: Flute lesson rather than Math.

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I was drinking Robitussin, snorting Ritalin in my friend’s car while reading Jack Kerouac and Henry Miller, watching The Doors at a friend’s house and smoking crushed lithium pills on top of dirtweed. Stuff like that.

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@ladymia69 You’re such a badass ;)

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I don’t usually skip but I have once or twice.
The first time me and my mates decided to go to the local park and just mess around with a few beers. Don’t ask me how we got them.
Second time I skipped class on my own and went to town. I needed to think and be around strangers.

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I always skipped class on the last day before break. I’d usually go downtown and smoke cigarettes and drink coffee all day.

I don’t skip class anymore, now that I pay to be there. Occasionally I’ll skip in order to work on assignments, though.

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@KatetheGreat More like just really bored with school…I have always been an autodidact, and I learn what I want to learn.

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Selling experimental designer drugs to schoolmates that i’d paid for using credit card info i bought from Russian gangsters…

joking, obviously =}

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Talking to girls. What else?

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@wundayatta: You charmer, you. ;)

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I didn’t skip at all—not until my senior year. And the girls I skipped with had never done it before either. We were all such goody goodies, I guess. I had two friends (and let me emphasize, that no matter what I felt about them, they remained friends only).

I convinced them (one at a time) to to skip class on various sunny days in spring. We’d lean back against the Southern wall, and talk. It was quite pleasant, and my feelings would get kind of riled up, and sometimes we’d talk about why we weren’t more than friends.

It was during one of those handful of skipped classes that I asked my friend for advice about women. This advice has stood well for me since then. More than well, I think.

I asked her the classic question about what women want. She told me they wanted to be listened to. So I practiced that ever since. It has worked well for me.

So, @KatawaGrey, when I say “talk” to girls, what I kind of meant was “listen” to them. They charmed themselves—or not.

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