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Where was the craziest place you've woken up?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) April 25th, 2011 from iPhone

How did you get there? How did you get home?

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In the jungle, in a teepee in Xilitla, (San Luis Potosi) Mexico. A minute’s walk from Las Pozas.

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On the floor in the hotel between 2 beds with my head in the side table. I knew I had gone to sleep on the floor, but have no idea how I ended up inside it.

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We had a bonfire at my friends house one time. I fell asleep outside and someone must have carried me inside becasue when I woke up I was on the floor in the living room, but they were still all outside.

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I woke up in my boyfriend’s bed to find his best friend in bed with me, while the guy’s wife and my boyfriend were sitting in chairs, all chatting away. Nothing happened, but it creeped me out, considering they had asked us to play strip poker with them one other evening.

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In the sewers.

I used to be a ninja turtle.

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I used to fall asleep on dates with Richard.
Three times in a row,I fell asleep in his car on the way to our destination.
I gave up after that. XD

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I once woke up in Lilliput to major fanfare.

i’m huge over there.

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On the floor of a flat in the Haight in San Francisco. I had gone to a quasi- costume party, in which everyone brought a bottle of 151 for mai-tais and dressed like mafioso visiting Cuba, a la Fredo Corleone. I awoke still wearing a hideous orange floral shirt and a fake gold Caesar’s Palace medallion. I had to walk three blocks to where my car was parked.

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As I was falling past the railing of the stairs leading to the basement of my house. I was sleepwalking and woke up halfway to a major faceplant on the landing of the stairs.I snagged the railing and just beat up my arm and legs.

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At the bottom of a pool.

Luckily it wasn’t filled.

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Hotel swimming pool. I’d nodded off whilst catching some rays by the poolside & some of my mates decided it would be a good idea to chuck me in. Look i’m laughing, can you see? :¬/

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In the middle of a lake. My family has a floating trampoline thing anchored in the water and I always use it to tan on. I was tanning one afternoon, dozed off and woke up in the middle of the lake with multiple boats and jet-skis circling around me. My parents thought it would be funny to unhook me from my anchor. Apparently I had been floating out there for quite some time and made a huge fool of myself waking up and freaking out, people still make fun of me for it. ;)

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In the bottom drawer of a chest of drawers. Rather a tricky business getting out.

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Cleveland, OHIO
– Amtrak Lakeshore Limited
– Amtrak Lakeshore Limited

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Schipol Airport, Amsterdam – flight cancelled, slept on the floor.

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The psych ward of the local hospital. I checked myself in and the doctors discharged me.

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In the lap of a girl next to me in science class.
I don’t know why I didn’t just lay my head down on my desk. :-/

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A dirt floor strewn with cans and broken bottles in Scotland. We’d missed the last ferry to Skye, where the Youth Hostel was. We had no money for a hotel. There was this hut that seemed to have been gutted, but it still had a roof. It was already dark, so we couldn’t see what it was like inside, nor could we see who our cabin mates were.

Woke up in the morning to discover what a wreck it was and that we had been sleeping a few inches away from some seriously sharp chards of beer bottles. We got up, pulled on our packs, and managed to scrape up enough money for breakfast in the hotel. Then we hopped the first ferry of the morning.

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@janbb Me, too…this past December. When were you stuck there?

36 hours in the Amsterdam airport with only two hours’ sleep got a bit surreal. A group of us in the queue bonded for the day. We were each from a different country. I cherish that experience.

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@Pied_Pfeffer – I was stranded in London one year due to a blizzard at my destination. My travel agency put me up in a hotel for free that night and got a free day in London. Not as harrowing as your experience, but still fun and bonded with my fellow strandees (at least the ones who used the same travel agency)...

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I woke up naked on a golf course once. I had gotten really drunk with my friends and I don’t even know how I got there. I found my clothes strewn across the green but I had no cell phone. I was literally 50 miles from my house.

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@KatetheGreat – Did you find yourself pregnant soon after that?

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Nope! I felt pretty great!

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@KatetheGreat – Sounds like a fun time was had by all, then :-)

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“I woke up naked on a golf course once. I had gotten really drunk with my friends and I don’t even know how I got there.”

Could it be said that you were “high on grass”? ;-)

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@KatetheGreat I was a manager at a hotel, and one morning, a call came into the front desk that there was a young girl passed out in the hallway with not a stitch of clothing on. Upon going up to investigate (and shooing away two young bellmen who were gawking from around the corner), she was covered with a blanket, aroused, and ushered into a vacant room until the EMT staff arrived to check her out.

She was fine, except for a huge hangover. (I did get a scolding from the EMT team for helping to move her.) We located her clothes, her so-called friends received a lecture, promised that they would not return, and left with their tails between their legs.

Both you and this girl were very lucky. They make for good stories because nothing serious happened.

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A European trip on a motor scooter and camping made for a number of unusual waking up situations. One was in an egg plant patch in Greece with a cat attacking the tent. Another was waking up to a cuckoo clock in the Black Forest. When the clock got to 13 and then 14, I realized it was a bird, not a clock. Then there was waking up to rain flowing through our tent which was being washed down the hill in Austria. Great trip. Great memories.

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Face down in a flower bed when I was 19

Note to self: Don’t drink 5 beers, 4 tequilas and 5 vodka and oranges in one go ever again.

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Under a huge ass heating device on the top of a restaurant called Papa George’s. This big metal box with fans and pipes and stuff. I was with this guy I was friends with for a short while, and we were hanging around outside all night, till we got tired and looked for a place to crash. Climbed up there and crawled under the heating thing, since it was all warm underneath. Not very comfy though, we were lying on gravel, and could barely raise our heads without bonking it on the device. Still managed a few hours of sleep, somehow.

Also passed out in the veranda of some random house. It had big chairs and all, and I slept there. Thing is this was a rooming house, so anybody living there probably didn’t give a shit, if I was ever even noticed.

Also, a coffin.

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The ER, 5:00 AM on one of my first Friday nights of college, with all sorts of tubes coming out of my body :(

Not a good way to learn my alcohol limit.

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Behind the wheel parked with the engine running.

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In the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on Notre Dame Campus with my girl friend. :)

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In a tent, four inches deep in water.

Novice campers, Yosemite. “Oh what a nice clearing!”

Clearing. Also known as a flood plain.

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