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How can you tell it's Monday where you are?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) April 25th, 2011

My head hurts, I can’t remember words, and I just figured out that work we did last week will have to be redone because someone forgot to turn on the recorder.

So I can tell it’s Monday.

How about you?

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My wife and daughter are sick—having just returned from vacation. My daughter came in to our room early in the morning, and was given dispensation to stay home. She’d been working too hard on homework. Some vacation!

My wife had her Monday morning headache. Hopefully these will go away when she retires in a few weeks. Hopefully.

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My kitty desk calendar says “Monday” on it.

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I was working this weekend and didn’t notice. Thanks for the heads-up.

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I can pretty much tell because Sunday was the day before it and the days of the weeks haven’t changed my entire life. So it must be monday.
That and when I look out my window at 6 am. the roads are already filling up with drivers.
School buses are also on the road after 2 days of no buses.

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Because this song is stuck in my head.

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I’m ridiculously busy at work, haven’t peed in hours, that’s how.

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As Mondays go, this one isn’t bad. I visited my folks for the weekend for Easter and took a vacation day off work today to relax.

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I’ve got the Monday blues…

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Because of the whining of my fellow oarsmen, the banging of the drum and the crack of the whip over our heads.

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I’m here in the UK and our bank holiday Monday is just ending…I’ve had a super day, walk in the park with the rellies and dog, cruising in the convertible with hubby (he’s go the week off work) and now chilling with glass of coke, rolo’s and CSI !! So I’m not sure I now it’s Monday because it feels like a weekend to me!!

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I’ve got a case of the Mondays.

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Inside a glass cube with some sort of spring-like things attached to my feet and this weird gun that shoots multi-colored holes in the walls, and a computer voice promising me cake if I pass all the upcoming tests. I’ll let you know how that works out…

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Nope. I just woke up. It’s 3 PM right now. But tomorrow shall be a different story.

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Second day of the week – a busy work day for me.

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Oh, I thought it was Thursday… :/

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Increased traffic noise. Increased airport noise. And the giveaway: trash collection and recycle trucks.

Besides, since we still get a daily newspaper, I can always tell because it’s the day after the colored funnies.

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For me, every day is just like every other day, except on weekdays I wake up and my husband is not at home. Sometimes it’s quite a shock, but I look at the morning paper, and sure enough, it’s Monday again.

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I like Mondays haha. I was born on a Monday. It’s the first day of the week, ready to start a whole week anew. I like them probably because I like school, too.

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I can’t tell it’s Monday. And usually I can’t. Either, I have off and it’s just the weekend, and when I have school, it’s all just a rut of Infinite Sadness…

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I put the bins out (unless it’s a bank holiday), in which case I do it on a Tuesday. So today feels like a Monday.

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