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What is the best way I can find an apartment in Berkeley CA while living in Vancouver?

Asked by BOSSHOGSWAGG (18points) April 25th, 2011

Hello everyone,

Thank you.

Just to fill you in on my move incase you can help me moreso,
I am leaving Vancity to live for at least 2 years in Berkeley because I will be beginning to study Sport Psychology.

The only real desires i have about my place are the following:

-That it is close to BART as I do not wish to live in Pleasant Hill.

-My budget is around 1–1300

-As I am a basketball player and since my school doesnt have a gym I will be training at Berkeley so i would like to be close.

-I enjoy yoga, meditation, and spiritual discourse also.

- I love reading & writting in Cafe’s and Reggae, hiphop, Rnb Music.

Please guide me spirit :)...

Blessings to all.

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Craigslist is one option. Googling “UC Berkeley apartments” brought up several sites with housing listings: here is just one of them. You shouldn’t have a problem finding something online..

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I was contemplating/planning to move to Pittsburgh several months back. At the time my only connections with the city were a few “secondary” friends, and an x g/f. I asked people on forums online (including here on fluther), for opinions on where to live in Pittsburgh (what are the nice and what are the bad neighborhoods, etc). With that knowledge in hand I checked out,, craigslist, etc,etc. I checked out my list of likes from those sites vs various ratings and review websites ( i think was one), and narrowed the list down. In the end I planned on visiting 2–3 apartments while I was in town for an interview, and coming back on a separate weekend date to see 3–4 more and make a selection that day.

In the end I ended up interviewing for like 7 jobs, and all sorts of ridiculousness kept me from going there. Got a dream job and turned it down cuz I had just been dumped by the g/f, got a dream job only to find out after resigning it didn’t pay what I’d been promised, didn’t get a few jobs, etc, etc, etc…... So I ended up not moving there….. BUT I had an apartment lined up and negotiated already after the interview day.

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Try Housing at UC Berkeley. They will have listings for a variety of living situations, including people looking for roommates.

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I planned to move to Portland and did the Craigslist – Walkscore combination to determine whether it was worth a viewing. That worked pretty well.

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Because you mentioned you enjoy yoga, meditation, and spiritual discourse, you should know about BAYAS.

I help moderate an e-mail list of more than 1,000 spiritual folks in the bay area called BAYAS ( – Bay Area Young Adult Sangha. Many of the posts are housing requests or offers. You’d be very welcome to post what you’re looking for there, and check out what others post.

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@Trustinglife Long time no see! How are you?

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