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For those of you who are into/collect antiques, what's the appeal?

Asked by Jude (32134points) April 25th, 2011

What do you collect? =]

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I would love to collect Stickley furniture.A nice piece is way out of my price range though.
It is appealing to me because of the craftsmanship,design and materials used.
I even went so far as to get books with Stickley plans in them and will eventually make some of these things.
I also like Arts and Crafts style tiles.Those I will occasionally buy from Pewabic in Detroit but when I go to refinish the bathroom on the main floor,I will make my own in that that style.I was taught by a woman that used to work there and I am able to replicate that style.
I also do love the history and philosophy behind the design process from that period.

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I collect advertising art (mostly food, but some travel posters) and vintage kitchenware of both a practical and decorative nature. I also have a radio in my kitchen that looks like an early one, but plays hidden cassettes. I listen to old radio shows on it while I cook or do dishes. I have old glass milk bottles that I transfer my milk into, glass refrigerator dishes (instead of Rubbermaid containers), and a set of beautiful early 1900’s canisters for flour, sugar, etc. Even a huge bread/pie safe from the turn of the century.

There is just something about those earlier decades that appeals to me. Life was less complicated and things were more sturdy and more beautifully made. If I could live in an old Edwardian era house, I’d LOVE it.

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The appeal for me is about comfort, and history, craftsmanship, resourcefulness, whimsey, but mostly sentimentality.
It’s hard for me to explain, I like things that are comforting and mean something to me. I would much rather have and use my great-grandmother’s dining table, than have a new one. Even with old things that didn’t belong to someone that I have known, I like the thought of it being used by others. I can “see” (feel) the other people who have used it. I also enjoy taking something that has been painted or dirty and thrown away, and returning it to it’s beautiful self again by stripping or cleaning or whatever means necessary.
I collect family heirlooms of all kinds. I also collect (old) doorknobs, and lock-sets, kitchen tools, certain books, hand forged metal pieces, made at home aprons, old keys, old tools, thimbles and vintage jewelry.

I notice that many of the things I collect are held in the hand, or made by hand. I think that significant for me.
I feel the people.

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I’ve got some of those Stickley books too, and some on handmade tile… lots of dreams of rehabilitating a poor, abused bungalow here!

I collect Frankoma pottery, especially Frankoma pumas. I love the natural colors and the simplicity of the pieces.

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I really don’t “collect” antiques as all of mine are heirlooms I inherited including a 150 year old beveled mirror brought here to America by my great great grandfather and the glass is in mint shape.

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@crisw -I love those homes and have often had that same dream. :)

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Wife and I use to go bottle digging. We loved to dig to see what mother earth would turn up next from past generations. We were hardly ever let down and our bottle journeys were fruitful. We are fortunate that we live close to one of the nations civil war battlegrounds. I have uncovered the very first 3 part glass bottle that held Jack Daniels Whiskey. Its worth a fortune and I will not sell it, I also have the very first Jack Daniels corncob bottle used to refill Jack Daniel whiskey at the source.

Digging for old bottles is like an Easter egg hunt. You never know what you will find. Its amazing to realize that for every two inches you dig into the earth, it takes you back 10 to 20 years. Old outhouses are loaded with glass poision bottles. Some are very valuable.

Its not just the find that is thrilling, its also the hunt.

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I also have my great grandparent’s bedroom set. Amusingly, it includes two twin beds, a mirrored dresser and a highboy. I have the two chests, and each of my children has one of the beds in their rooms. It’s beautiful golden oak and is extremely ornate. I like thinking about the fact that it all belonged to my family and will continue to after I am gone.

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I collect different, usually small, things of interest. My specificity is only that they’re unusual or eye appealing. There’s thousands of things forgotten in the past, even fifty years ago, and some are on the level of art, for my tastes. The appeal is, for me, interesting things for the eye instead of matched pastels, chrome and glass. I guess I like “busy”.

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I have a collection of old cameras with their boxes and instructions…..
Also a couple of sets of vintage china…some milk glass….lady vases
and cupie dolls.

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