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May I please beg for prayers/positive thoughts for my daughter this week?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23160points) April 25th, 2011

My oldest daughter has ADD and dyslexia, and TAKS is this week. During their practice TAKS, she’s been having trouble remembering to take her time reading the questions and reads words wrong, and she’s also been getting the answer right on the question paper but screwing up and filling in the wrong bubble on the answer sheet.

Could you, my darling jellies, PLEASE send her positive thoughts and/or prayers? I would really appreciate it.

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Already done. Please keep us posted on how she does.

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I am sending my best thoughts to her and your family. * * * B E ST * O F * L U C K * * *

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I’ll conjure some positive reinforcement to help her, and I hope it gets there, or, that something takes my thoughts to her. I’m crossing my fingers.

And if that doesn’t work, I’ll make a séance in my basement…a little humour never hurt anyone, right? :)

I’m hoping for the best, let us know how it turns out.

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Keep postivite and everything will be fine! (:
Hoping for the best (: x

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Thanks guys, this has been a rough year for her and her grades are “hanging by a thread”. A thin one. I’m so worried about TAKS this week; she’ll be testing tomorrow and Wednesday. I’m really concerned that they’ll want to hold her back, but she’s already calling herself dumb and stupid and I think holding her back would just reinforce that belief. I feel so bad for my poor kiddo.

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Good luck to your daughter! I hope her TAKS go well!

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I have and will continue to do so @WillWorkForChocolate you can count on it.

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I’m wishing the best for her. I hope she does well and stops saying that she’s dumb and stupid.

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With ADD and Dyslexia, you could get her a tutor to give her the questions orally. My sister has dyslexia and she had to have a ‘test’ coach in college that would read the questions and fill in the correct answer bubble for her.

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What is/are Taks? Whatever they are, I hope she does well.

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((((Hugs for you all at this stressful time.))))

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(((((((((((Hugs @aprilsimnel @WillWorkForChocolate and @allothers back)))))))))))) We will be strong.

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Bathing you both in a bright calm focus as long and whenever you need it.

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I should add that if the dyslexia is bad enough the school should provide the test coach at their expense.

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Sending all my bestest positive wishes down to you and your daughter, @WillWorkForChocolate!

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Does she have a 504 plan?

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That seems kinda unfair that she gets marked down because of her dyslexia.

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No need to beg. Prayers for all my jelly friends and their families.

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@filmfann And for you too.

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I’ll pray she does well on her TAKs. Let her know if you haven’t that her success mostly relies on her believing in herself and that you believe in her. I’ve known people with ADD who have successful careers because they refused to think themselves ever as being dumb. They just realized that they had to work harder than most to achieve good grades. Was it harder? Yes. Was is impossible. NO!
There are plenty of people without ADD who are smart as hell and do poorly on exams because they get nervous and freeze. Tell her to practice deep breaths and imagine that when she breathes out, all her worries and stress go out with the breath. I use to bearly pass reading exams up till 7th grade and I was an A student. I would have to re-read paragraphs over and over to understand what they meant because I would get so nervous and couldn’t retain what I just read. Did much better when I decided that a test wasn’t going to tell me what I knew or didn’t know. I knew I wasn’t dumb and finally I was able to pass my exam with a 12th grade reading level and I was in 7th grade.

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@Pandora I know, I have ADD too.

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Sending many positive thoughts for both of you @WillWorkForChocolate! Stay positive for your wonderful daughter and tell her how proud we all are for her doing her very best!

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Sending good thoughts but standardized assessments are bullshit. Encourage her to follow her dreams, and do the things she loves to do. Jeepers, the only class that I took in high school that really mattered in my grand scheme of things was typing…

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Remind her that Thomas Edison flunked out of school after 3 months. His mom ended up home schooling him, he turned out pretty well. Formal education is sometimes overrated.

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Prayer said. Also, aren’t there alternative methods for people like your daughter to take the test? Like audibly or something?

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@mrrich724 Yes there are. My son is afforded 30 extra minutes on all standardized tests he takes.


Yes, of course. Good luck. ;)

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You got it from john.

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Thank you guys, really!

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All the very best and I am sure things will go smoothly for her. Keeping positive thoughts flowing your way!!!!!!!!!!

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I also wish her the best and will be sending her positive thoughts! :o)

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No begging necessary. I’m an agnostic but will send you well wishes.

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How did your daughter make out on her tests?

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It takes a while to get the results. Hopefully, I’ll know something next week. Thanks for asking!

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UPDATE: Took longer to get the results back than I thought… She didn’t do so hot on two portions of the test. The good news is that since she was diagnosed with ADHD, the SST commitee was expecting low scores. She still gets to move forward to 5th grade, and she’s going to have a few very helpful accomodations this next school year, including a different way to take the TAKS that will make it less stressful on her.

Thanks again to everyone for the well wishes!!

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@WillorkForChocolate, bah humbug on tests. Thankfully, she didn’t have to stay behind a grade. Stay positive for your daughter, my positive thoughts are with you. Thanks for the up-date.:-)

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So glad it all worked out! I wish her all the best for the future :)
Love you.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Glad she’s going to get some more support with schoolwork. Best wishes for her!

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Yes! there is no way I wouldn’t

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