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Is flirting cheating?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) April 22nd, 2008 from iPhone
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Depends on the boundries you establish in your relationship I would think. For some people a genuine emotional betrayal that was never acted upon is worse than a meaningless physical betrayal. So if it’s flirting because you actually have sincere feelings for that other person some might consider it so. I think in most cases it’s relatively harmless and all good fun, but circumstances do vary.

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Some people just flirt, it’s part of their personality. And for those people flirting while committed to a partner is not cheating. It can just be for fun….. innuendo is popular form of humour, and usually doesn’t mean you intend to act on it or that you have feelings for the person you interact with.
Of course, some have a less healthy approach and are constantly looking to see what’s out there, i.e. the wandering eye…..that is probably an indication of not being in the right relationship or having issues with commitment.

Whether it’s cheating, really depends on the intent. Wanting or planning to cheat is as unhealthy for a relationship as actually doing it – IMO

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flirting is not cheating, but it can open the door to possibly cheating . If you are in a loving and committed relationship, why open the door to a potential problem. If you want to flirt, why not flirt with your spouse?

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only if you’re not supposed to

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true to most..flirting is a type of cheating in a way but it is not neccessarily called ‘cheating’ depends how far the flirting goes..but flirting with others in a relationship is like never ok because it shows that someones not loyal to their others nor commited wanting to be with them

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At my last job, I had a very attractive co-worker and we’d tease back and forth sometimes it was a little flirty. It usually made us both laugh. She’d say something in French, and I’d say: “THAT’S FRENCH…TAKE ME I’M YOUR’S.” Then, of course, we’d both get to laughing. Now was that flirting on both our part or just something to do in between waiting for customers? We never acted on anything physical, never even came close. I was a wiseguy even back then, and I’d do anything to make people laugh. Yes, I was married and my wife knew, she also knew that it wasn’t real.My wife said: “I’m not worried in the least, you two work good together.”

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