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Are you easily shocked? Squeamish?

Asked by Jude (32112points) April 25th, 2011

I don’t find that I am, anymore. Two girls/one cup didn’t faze me (I swear that it’s fake).

When it comes to abuse, though, I can’t handle it.

How about you?

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People or animals suffering gets to me.

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I am shocked, shocked at the use of “phase” for “faze.”

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I’m not squeamish at all. I watched a movie last night that was extremely demented in every way possible, with gore and other inhumane acts, and it didn’t really shock me much.

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Edit time!

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I draw the line at The Human Centipede. I just can’t go there.

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Thanks to internet access to video-taped beheadings, live war footage and YouTube McDonalds ass-beatings….nothing shocks me anymore.

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I can sit through love drawn out, bloody fight scenes. For whatever reason, though, some torture scenes really get to me…not so much the sights, but the sounds. But dutifully watching hundreds of torture scenes in 24 has kind of built up my tolerance.

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I’m very squeamish when it comes to needles, blood (I tend to faint when I get blood drawn) and on top of that, I hate veins. I can’t watch shows were they show drug users injecting…


I don’t like seeing innocent animals getting hurt and/or killed. I once saw a video on YouTube showing a soldier throwing a cute puppy off a mountain cliff, and that not only made me cringe but made me extremely angry. I love animals, especially dogs—man’s best friend, and when I see them being mistreated I go ballistic.

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Not really. I’ve always been fascinated with the macabre.

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Nope. Incredibly proud of my hard as steel stomach. It can take anything.

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@YARNLADY Then you might like this. teehee

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I come in contact with my own small intestine on a daily basis, I am pretty tough about these things.

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No. However, when it comes to feces.. YES. I have changed more diapers than I can count, I worked in the medical field for almost 6 years… I still can’t handle feces. Eyeballs, vomit, guts, gore, whatever, no big deal. I watch surgical procedures on video because it fascinates me. Cut into someone’s brain? Amazing. When it comes to feces my stomach starts doing flip flops.

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Having been elbow deep in multiple deer, blood and guts is no worry. Torture, cruelty, etc. sickens me, sometimes with anger involved.

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No, not squeamish. I remember once assisting our goat vet on a Caesarian- I was fascinated at the goings-on- I thought my husband was going to faint!

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I’m not easily shocked, but I am pretty squeamish. Many things gross me out, and easily. Especially violence, blood, gore, etc. I can’t even watch certain scenes in House and CSI without feeling sick…

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If it’s fake, I’m usually more than ok with seeing gross, horrible stuff. I love horror movies, and very rarely look away. Surgery is fine (and interesting), too. I’m usually the person to remain very calm in a crisis, even if there’s a lot of blood.

But I can’t handle videos of real people dying (or even being injured) in a violent way. It freaks me out. Also, seeing or hearing people vomit. Ick.

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Shocked, no.
But squeamish over a few things:

- The long metal tool they use to jam inside of the stomach during liposuction makes me uncomfortable. You can see the tool going in and out underneath the skin. GAH! They use a smaller version of it for nose jobs like this and they just shove it up the nose and remove bones or tissue or whatever else. It always appears that they handle the body so roughly during cosmetic surgery and even though I know the patients can’t feel anything, watching some of it truly makes me cringe.

- Me, or watching someone in a movie or porno getting their nipples lightly touched or pinched or sucked on. My breasts are really sensitive and even watching it happen to someone else makes me squirm a little.

- Sharks and their sneaky bullshit.

- Joan Rivers in the morning.

And now that I think about it, I was slightly shocked the first time I ever saw 2girls1cup. I never knew somewhere in a far away land there were people willing to have someone else vomit inside their own mouth. It was as if I entered a whole other dimension. Now that I’ve seen many of the other videos, 2girls is nothing in comparison and I’ve gone through the acceptance process that this kind of thing does actually exist. With so many videos on the internet of death, murder, vomit, piss, shit, cruelty…nothing is really shocking anymore, and my curiosity is no longer strong enough to seek any of it out. Some people are truly fucked up, if not evil and that’s all I need to know – I don’t need to watch it.

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That’s it, I’m done. I thought I could handle pretty much anything, but Joan Rivers in the morning just put me down. I’ll be over cowering in the corner.

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The last time I was shocked was when I was in a concert some months ago. There was a girl who had the totenkopf, the SS runes, and other white supremacist tattoos on her back and arms. I have no tolerance for white supremacy/Nazi sympathy/racism.

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I think the only thing that really gets me is vomit. I can’t stand to watch someone barf. Cat barf – I have to deal with that on a semi-regular basis, so it doesn’t really gross me out, but people barf – no thanks. That scene from Stand by Me makes me nauseated if I even think about it. Blech.

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I’m squeamish when it comes to the abuse of children and animals.

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Cannot abide scenes of torture or abuse of anyone. Also, pretty sqeamish about blood,even on t.v.

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I’m not squeamish until it comes to animal and human abuse.

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