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What do you think of a man that drinks beer from a bottle with a straw?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) April 25th, 2011

This was a first for me to see a man drinking a bottle of beer by using a straw. I have seen cans of beer stacked on each other with a plastic tube running to the mouth, I have seen a keg of beer turned up and almost downed by one person, but I have never seen a beer being consumed with a straw. Is this common place? Is this the latest fad for beer drinkers? I have drank my share of beer from cans and bottles, but I have not and never will use a straw. Question: is the use of a straw to drink beer not against the common code of ethics for beer drinkers? Who does this, anyway?

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Beer should be properly poured in a glass so that the hop aromas can be enjoyed. I completely agree that drinking beer with a straw is just plain wrong.

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I suppose – not being a beer drinker myself – it might make sense if the cleanliness of the glass (if one is available) or the can or bottle itself was questionable.

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When I was a kid, there was an old wives’ tale that you’d get drunk faster if you used a straw.

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This is a man who is secure enough in his manliness to drink his beer however he damn pleases. Good for him.

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As far as age old tradition…the straw enable the patron to enjoy the beer without slurping down the sediment left behind in the bottom of the bottle conditioned beer. Even today you can get bottles chock full of yeast fermentation by products that IMO are very beneficial to you and you simply need a longer straw to get to them!

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I say screw the glass and straw. The beer already has a container with the bottle or can. It stays colder that way. Especially with a Koozie.

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Once again, I’m with @Rarebear. That’s just plain wrong.

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It’s odd.

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I would think he’s really going to be belching big time!!!

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I would wonder if he had some sort of medical or dental problem that interfered with normal sipping.

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I asked my husband who rarely even uses a glass. As @jonsblond said, beer in a bottle or can has its own container. He said the only time he ever drank beer with a draw was a young fella when they were trying to get drunk… perhaps the guy needed to get a bit buzzed very quickly?

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What @Rarebear said.

For maximum enjoyment, beer should be drunk from a glass, in order to let the aroma complement the taste sensations picked up in the mouth. A very high percentage of taste perception is in fact smell.

Old joke: Why is American beer served so cold? So you can tell it from piss.

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I’d have to assume he was a trainspotter or collected stamps/belly button fluff. I’m a patronising bastard so it’s allowed.

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I have never seen that. Most the guys I know drink it from the original container (even a keg on some occasions.)

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I’m with @MyNewtBoobs. I would probably think, “Hey, look at that. He’s drinking beer out of a bottle with a straw. That’s quirky. Good for him!” If he likes to use a straw, there’s no reason he shouldn’t. Just because most people think beer is best enjoyed other ways doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the way he enjoys it.

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I think it’s a little silly, but hey – if he likes it, let him do it!

My dentist dad has always suggested I use a straw when drinking sugary or acidic things, like pop or orange juice, because when you use a straw, you’re less likely to “swish” the liquid around in your mouth. So I use a straw with sugary drinks. But not beer – I don’t see any practical reason for it. Though some kind of crazy straw might make beer-drinking more fun :)

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@Seelix Crazy straws make everything better!

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I drink beer out of bottles or cans with straws when I’m at work. But work is as a street musician so it takes place outside where it’s illegal to have open alcohol containers. Sometimes if I play on a weekend night I hide a beer behind my stuff, and it’s easier to sneak sips if there’s a straw there so it can stay hidden.

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I used to know an old man that would pour beer from forties of miller hi-life into a glass of ice and drink it with a straw. I thought that was weird but whatever floated his boat.

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