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If you have used crest white strips, how long did it take to see results?

Asked by sfgal (283points) April 25th, 2011

Has anyone tried the crest white strips version made for sensitive teeth? And if so, how long did you use them before you saw results?

Also, it says on the directions not to brush your teeth before using them, but doesn’t say anything about after using them. Is it okay to brush my teeth right after using them? I don’t like how the gel tastes.

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@Afos22: Some people have teeth more prone to staining, and all the brushing in the world won’t help if you love coffee, tea or wine. You’re a super helpful person.

@sfgal: I have tried them, I didn’t think they worked as well as the regular ones. Took a few days 3–4 for me to really notice anything. I suspect if your teeth are darker than mine were to begin with you would notice sooner. I was really just using it as a sort of booster.

I believe the package said just to rinse, and that’s what I did – it has been a while since I did this. I always did it while I was watching tv, and planned it for halfway thru and episode so I would be distracted with something while the taste was in my mouth. That way I could forget the taste during whitening and after I rinsed just by being distracted.

I do remember never bothering to use them again though. They gave me the impression they didn’t work as well. They were fine, but not as good as I would have liked.

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I think the problem with the “sensitive teeth” version is that they use less or a weaker solution, therefore, they don’t work as well or it takes much longer to see results. I’ve also heard that the adhesive quality is poor. I’ve never been able to use any version of Crest strips because my teeth become incredibly sensitive after only day two of use.
Something that was recommended to me and has worked out well so far, is getting your teeth professionally whitened and then only using the strips a few times a week for maintenance. The money I was paying for the constant use of those unbearable strips in comparison to teeth whitening that can last you up to a year with only light maintenance, was well worth it from a financial standpoint.

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