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What is euphoria?

Asked by emeraldisles (1949points) April 26th, 2011

Is euphoria just an emotion? What do you think euphoria means and when did you experience it?

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Euphoria is whatever the dictionary and or wikipedia says. I’ve only felt it when I was on E. I think it’s a physical and psychological state of mind that can be caused by drugs, most of the time.

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There were the feelings of euphoria long before there were the street drugs.

Here is a classic definition:


a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness:.See “rapture ”.

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I have been euphoric many times (without assistance from drugs). It is an incredibly intense feeling of joy—deep happiness coupled with unbridled excitement. The times I’ve felt it, it was difficult to contain myself physcially—I wanted to jump, scream with excitement. Clap your hands, stomp your feet—euphoria is hard to beat!

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It’s an emotion, but it’s also a state of mind/self. At least to me.
It’s more all-consuming than regular happiness.

I’ve felt it for people, felt it because of painkillers, felt it for lots of things.

I think there are two different types though, at least there are for me – and it seems some definitions agree. There’s the running, jumping, screaming from the rooftops joy. And the sense of complete and utter bliss, calming and complete.

And orgasms many times are accompanied with a brief feeling of euphoria. :)

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Euphoria is brain chemistry. Simply put, euphoria is what happens when large quantities of certain neurotransmitters (like dopamine or seratonin) are released, and then get picked up by the brain’s corresponding receptors. Most euphoria-producing drugs act by manipulating this brain mechanism.

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Euphoria is joy that can not be contained, like when I’m around a certain someone…I swore I was walking on air the one night after parting ways with him…

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It is all that. I have felt it a couple of times, but it is too intense for my liking. I prefer to be in a more neutral mood —not too happy, not too sad—. Can’t handle intensity.

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