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How is native/indigenous culture celebrated where you live?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (35565points) April 26th, 2011

It’s time for the annual Merrie Monarch Festival! This is the largest and most prestigious hula festival in the world, and hula halau (hula groups) come from all over the Pacific region to compete.

It is a great tribute to Hawaii’s last king, King David Kalakaua, who revived hula after many decades of decline.

Here’s a traditional dance by a wahine group.

Here’s a dance by a kane group.

How are native or indigenous cultures celebrated where you live? Are there festivals of some kind?

Have you ever attended one of these gatherings? What was your experience?

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There are occasionally Pow wows.I will probably be at one this summer. :)

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We have the Native American ceremony of blessing the bison and the pasture at Wildlife Prairie State Park (this is where Jon and I were married). It’s a must see in our area.

There are a number of pow wows in central and western Illinois. I have been to a few and enjoyed them all.

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Native American culture is highlighted in the annual July Smithsonian Folklife Festival, along with other ethnic groups in this country [on a rotating basis].

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Hawaiians aren’t native to the islands. They are an earlier wave of immigration from Tahititi.

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That’s where a number of us neanderthals…......supporters gather at the pub & go to a football match. Much shouting & cheering ensues, usually ending up in a mass drunken stupor. Yay for culture say I :¬)

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We celebrate the history, customs and folklore of the Great Pumpkin every fall with a Scarecrow Festival complete with acres of scarecrows built and put on display for all to see.

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The native populations of CA are represented everywhere, not just the missions. Olvera St. always has native dancers. Knott’s Berry Farm has all kinds of info about the natives of the area. There are tons of museums all over the state. Universities have yearly talks, movies and presentations.

Plus, you can always go to the casinos. :)

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There’s an Irish parade in my area where everyone drinks, wears green, and guys play bagpipes in kilts.

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@tinyfaery You just reminded me of some wonderful memories. We visited Olvera St. many times when I lived out west. We had such a good time there. It was my mom’s favorite place to visit. =)

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@hawaii_jake The next time I get out to Hawaii I am gonna have to meet you in person:)

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@marinelife : With all due respect, who was here before them? One definition of native states, “belonging by birth to a people regarded as indigenous to a certain place, especially a preliterate people.” The native Hawaiians definitely fit that definition.

They came from islands—they are island natives—extremely far to the south without knowing anything about where they were headed. The only thing they had to guide them were the stars. The last phenomenon that guided them here was the glow of the volcano Kilauea. They had no information that there was land north to where they were headed.

To state native Hawaiians are immigrants and shrug them off means you must find the Garden of Eden, because we are all immigrants from “there.” Native Americans are immigrants. Early Europeans were immigrants. Everybody moved out from somewhere to somewhere else.

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@optimisticpessimist : Yes, let’s do that.

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The Lenape hold several pow wows here, each year. In fact, there are powwows all over the place.

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Our screwed up state is letting the Indians sell cigarettes tax free to anyone they want and we gave them a casino so they can make enough money to buy the state back one chunk at a time.

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I guess I’m just about as native or indigenous as anyone else on this island, probably with a bit of Viking thrown in for good measure, people like to hang out at Stonehenge at the summer solstice and take copious amounts of drugs just like our pagan forefathers before us, damn those pesky Christians that had to come here and spoil everything with their modern ways.

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Our local tribe holds a few Pow wows every year.

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In Toronto, there are a lot of ethnic festivals going on all the time, because of the large immigrant populations here (I know they’re not native or indigenous, but still).

Back home in Northern Ontario, there’s a much larger First Nations community, and several reserves near my hometown. There’s often some kind of gathering or powwow happening up there. I don’t participate myself, but one of my former classmates is always posting things on Facebook.

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@hawaii_jake the Garden of Eden is in Africa.

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@anartist : It must be a beautiful place. Have you seen it?

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