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What would you think if your plane was crashing?

Asked by skfinkel (13478points) April 26th, 2011

Here’s three things that this man learned when his plane was crashing. Worth thinking about.

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“I knew it….I just bloody knew it!! What did I always say? First time I get off the ground & look what happens!” “Where’s the fucking parachutes hiding eh!!!!????!!!!” All this whilst sobbing like a newborn baby :¬(

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Oh, goody, I’m flying tomorrow.

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My first thought was of my kids, then “I’m not done!”

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That depends on how long between when I learn it is crashing and when it crashes.

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What the hell was it the stewardess told us to do when this happened?

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To make a long story short….... (well shorter than the long version.)
I was in a plane with my husband piloting and he actually said. “Honey I’ve killed us.”
First thing I thought of was praise. I decided if I was going to die, I was going to go down praising God. I Prayed like I had never prayed before, but I was not asking for anything I was saying. “You are a mighty and powerful God and worthy of all my praise.” Next I thought of my children and said “God, I really don’t want to die like this.” Next, I yelled at my husband “FLY THE PLANE!!”
We had been in an upside down spin and the plane suddenly started going up instead of down. we were hanging from the seat belts when my husband said, “this is good.” He flipped the plane back over, and talked to the controller who helped us navigate through the storm to the nearest airport.

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I recommend clicking on the link, and hearing the Ted Talk. It’s good.

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I don’t know. I don’t own a plane.

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Thank f**k I’m not on it!

I do own a fleet of them, right?

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I thought ,“Here we go!”

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I plan to empty my bladder in my pants, and scream like a little girl.

You hear me? I PLAN to do that!

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It depends if its a plane that I am flying or flying on.
If iits the one that i am flying myself then no – that will never ever happen because i am friggin scared of heights.

On the other hand if I were flying on an airplane with others. I would freak and start reaching for my life vest and oxygen thingy… and panic. Maybe even start crying and puking.
Because I am very scared of flying and heights so crashing would just make everything worse.
I would also think of the people that loved and cared for me as i did for them. Especially my mother for being such a great parent to me.

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I thought of my loved ones and repeated in my head, “I love you all…”

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I would probably be saying the atheist’s version of a prayer, asking the universe to send someone to take care of my family.

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I would be looking for a Cheesehead Hat. It has been proven to save lifes in small plane crashes.

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“Well isn’t this nice.”

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Since no one seems to be looking at the short video by the guy who was on the plane that landed in the Hudson, I will tell you what he says he learned: 1. he is not postponing anything, 2. he got the ego out of his relationships—“chosing not to be right, but to be happy.” 3. Dying wasn’t scary, but sad—and he wanted to see his kids grow up. He now realizes that being a great dad is the only thing that mattered.

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I watched the video. I thought the question was what WE would be thinking.

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@judi, it was, but I guess the video was food for thought. I couldn’t see that anyone referenced it. Perhaps I have been a bit too directive here!! Sorry.

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I wish I was wonder woman right now…

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I would pray that if I die it be sudden with almost no pain.
I would hope that my children know how much I love them and carry that love with them always and never doubt how much I loved them.
I would pray that God watch over them and give them a happy and safe life and that they would always be surrounded by people who love them.
I would hope I did all I was suppose to do to prepare them for life without me.
I would worry over all about the reactions of others in my family. My mom is really old and it would probably kill her. The same as I would feel if it were one of my children.
I could die tomorrow with little regret. The only thing I would mostly regret is dying without knowing who will be their for my children, since they both live so far apart from each other and other family. I wouldn’t want them to feel alone.

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… all that unfinished business, oops !

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