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What can I do with my frizzy, wavy hair?

Asked by nikipedia (27669points) April 26th, 2011

I have fine, frizzy, wavy/curly hair. When I want to look nice, I have to straighten it, which is annoying and time-consuming.

Is there any product or technique I can use to make my hair look acceptably good by leaving the waves/curls in? I need something that would make the curliness hold up a little better and get rid of the frizz, I think.

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That picture is perfect. Women never get how beautiful they are.

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Buy a bottle of Infusium leave-in conditioner, the one with the brown labeling and designs. Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s when a lot of us permed our giant hair then we’d use a spray mist bottle with ½ Infusium and ½ water on it after washing and towel drying then use a hair pick to gently go through it and take the crunchiness away. What you’ll be left with is very soft waves or ringlets :D

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Since this is in social I can say this: You have beautiful hair! Don’t do anything to it. I am so jealous.

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:O This stick-straight-haired girl is sooooo jealous of your hair. It’s beautiful! Just a little touch of styling cream or some other lightweight product would add a polished look.

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Damn, I love you guys.

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Don’t brush out your hair after you wash. Just scrunch it up and put some jel with pomade in it and no alchol. My daughter has really curly hair and its the only way she can keep it from getting frizzy on her. Let it air dry. The combing and brushing will make it split out and get frizzy.
I agree with everyone else here. Your hair is lovely the way it is. It doesn’t look frizzy.

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Your hair is stunning.

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I agree with @chyna, except that I would trim away the outermost strands on either side.
But that’s just me, and I certainly don’t intend to impose my aesthetics on such gorgeous hair.

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I use Garnier Fructis. It works for me (most things don’t).

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You really do have beautiful hair. I’m completely jealous!

But if you do want to tame it, Frizz-ease by John Frieda is the best! It smells great and works wonderfully. I use it daily, since I live in one of the most humid and nasty places on Earth! Haha.

Also, if you rinse your hair with cold water after you finish washing it, it will minimize the frizz.

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I don’t see frizz, I just see pretty hair.

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Silly girl, your hair is beautiful. I’m genuinely jealous. I agree with everyone above that said the same.
I can’t even think of any advice to offer, because I think it’s gorgeous just as it is. Certainly not frizzy.

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YOU GUYS. Now I feel like a jerk for posting this because it reads like I was just fishin’.

Thanks, though, for the compliments. <3

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As @Pandora implied, if you blow dry your hair, don’t.

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@nikipedia nah, we all perceive flaws in ourselves that others may not see the same way. I really think you should embrace your hair, though!

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I 2nd the cold/cool water rinse because it makes the hair super shiny once it air dries. And no, don’t brush it or comb it out until it’s all the way dry.

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When putting conditioner in your hair, leave it in for 2–5 minutes and then rinse. It helps with the frizz and makes straightening a lot easier. Also, before straightening try a straightening serum (but be sure to use only a little bit). As @Pandora said, let your hair dry at least 50% before drying it with a hair dryer, and even then dry it with medium heat.

I agree with everyone here though, your hair looks great!

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If this is what your hair normally looks like, then you should be thrilled. It’s beautiful! This is the exact look that Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie get when they’ve been to the fancy (expensive) salon. Don’t change it!

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I would start with worrying about your feet first. :-)

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Ewwy :( I hope your feet aren’t like that anymore!

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Put your head in the frizzer for 20–30 minutes and you will look “mahvelous”

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I use serum on my hair every morning, since I dig the long-haired-man look, and that stuff works really well. You can just buy it at any store or ask a hair salon about it. All it’s supposed to do is keep any frizz down and add some shine to it, which it does. Judging from your picture, it doesn’t seem necessary, but for ease of mind it might be worth it, just use a little bit, though, doesn’t need much to work well.

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I use a mousse for curly hair, any brand, I’m not picky, that helps with the frizz. If I want my curls to be tighter I use Garnier Fructis Surf Hair. I also blow dry my hair upside down. Your hair is beautiful as it is, in my opinion.

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When I want to leave mine wavy/curly I have used this
A little goes a long way.
Most of the time though,I beat the h@ll out of it with a dryer or large barreled curling iron. XD

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You do have beautiful hair.

I think a better cut might help, a little more shape, and you might consider dying it or putting on a clear “color” that will seal up any stray ends and cut friz. But, hair products for daily use should work well also. Your hair actually does not look frizzy in the photo, but maybe it is the lighting and we cannot see the friz? I have fairl straight hair, so I cannot advise well on products for you, but my husband is very wavy/curly and when his hair is long he uses mousse to help tame it.

Also, whenever you see someone with curly hair that you admire, ask them where they get their hair cut and what products they use.

You hair looks like it might be fine, just you have a lot of it, so you would not be able to use products that weigh down hair. A lot of curly haired people have thick hair, so if I am right you need to be aware.

If you want to try a cheapy shampoo that is pretty good try the Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner no friz one, its in an orange bottle. I ise it and like it. And, my husband really likes Pantene. I don’t cause it weighs my hair down a little, but on his wavy hair its great.

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I just saw @lucillelucillelucille recommendation. I use catwalk root boost and it is awesome! Never tried what she recommended, but I thought I would throw in my two cents about the brand.

Maybe if you don’t have a regular hairstylist, pick one that has hair similar to yours. The only person who cuts my husband curly hair well when it is long is a stylist who is Italian and has thick curly hair like him.

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Dammit @Cruiser, you beat me to the frizzer joke!

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Check this website for curly hair.

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I have similar waves, but with dark, thick hair. I know how you feel.
Don’t brush it. Comb it with a wide-toothed comb after you wash it and let it air dry. Sometimes i twist my fingers around it in little sections when it’s drying to help it keep the waves. I lovelovelove John Frieda’s stuff. It always works for me and (bonus!) it smells super great. Just rub a pump between palms and run it through wet hair. I usually put more in than it says because I have such thick hair, but use as you feel necessary. It also works on dry hair nicely, so if you feel like you’re getting too much frizz one day, smooth it out with a bit more. I can’t stress enough…. don’t brush. If your hair is tangly (very technical term), just run your fingers through it.

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It looks nice now. More than nice. It’s gorgeous. And it is not frizzy. Not.

If that head of hair were mine, I would wear it up for a really dressy occasion. Otherwise I would probably spoil it by letting it do whatever it wanted to do and buying it treats.

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Seriously? Your hair is awesome, and perfect. Use something simple, like a leave in conditioner….Garnier makes one that is great….it will smooth the frizz and keep the waves from flattening throughout the day. When I had really long hair and I let it air dry, it looked a lot like yours and that leave in conditioner did wonders. I loved it. Also if I went to sleep with my hair in a loose bun on the very top of my head it was awesomely gorgeously wavy when I woke up. You can braid it too, which always looks beautiful.

I recently cut 15 inches of my hair off and am dying to have it back so please…..Embrace it :)

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Oh, poor baby has beautiful, thick, lustrous hair that’s slightly more frizzy than she wants. sorry, my baldness has made me bitter with those who complain about their long luxurious hair damn you , sorry

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You could be a hair model, it’s that beautiful. I think you just need to learn how to get it to do what you would like, within reason. I would like to see another picture of you with a different expression on your face that reflected that you felt good about yourself. It’s partly your age and I predict you’ll look back in 5 years and laugh at yourself. No help now, but you’ve gotten a lot of advice on how to care for that glorious mop of yours. I hope you’ll learn to love it for what it is.

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Don’t wash it.

No, really.

Rinse it in the shower but don’t shampoo, and try with conditioner and without. I don’t use conditioner because my hair is really fine and the extra conditioner makes it too heavy, but it LOVES not being washed. As it is, I only wash it about once a week and I’m working on not even doing that. I was so vehemently against this idea for so long but, guess what – my hair isn’t gross and oily. It’s soft, shiny, more manageable, etc.

Here’s a link for you.

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Damn. You fine, girl. ;)

I had a friend with super curly long hair, and she went the same route @tragiclikebowie recommends. Her hair was beautiful on the no-poo plan.

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I have very curly hair, even curlier and frizzier than yours! I actually wish I had your hair, it’s gorgeous! I use leave in conditioners, it really helps! But is you want to totally get rid of the (and if you don’t mind losing your curls/waves) get the Keratin treatment. It really helps, too! But make sure you get it done for you, and don’t do it your self! Bad Idea!

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Dude, what color are your eyes?

<—color blind

Also, I second @augustlan‘s damn, you fine.

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I agree, more women need your hair.

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