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What prayers have you sent up to God that he answered?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) April 26th, 2011

Christians, what prayers have you sent up to God that he answered? Did he answer it immediately, or later(how much later)? If you don’t mind sharing, what was it?

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God once answered one of my prayers by informing me that prayer was not His 1–800 toll free order/customer service line, it’s not the purpose of it. I’ve been more of a listener since then.

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I have to ask… you said, “Christians…” Do you just want to know from a Christian perspective, or do you not want non-Christians to reply?

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Why is this just for Christians? I am a Catholic, and while I believe in Christ, I can’t be lumped in with the evangelicals.

All of my prayers are answered, it just takes a while for me to see how.

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Well keep in mind he’s not some magic genie.
Daughter was on deaths door and she made an excellent recovery when she was four. (2days)
Was being mugged and a stranger stepped in to help and I prayed he wouldn’t get hurt. Suddenly a group of guys appeared and scared off the muggers. No one was hurt and I wasn’t robbed.
Was jumped and a guy was going to rape me and I prayed for God help me. (known killer raper was running around my neighborhood)
Long story but a random noise of a person coming down the stairs scared him and he ran away before he could hurt me. No one ever appeared.
I’ve had lots of prayers answered but not all. But my dad use to say that the unanswered ones was his answer. Somethings don’t need to happen. Like praying to win the lottery or praying a specific person fall in love with us or praying someone live longer when it is their time to go. It may not be what you want to happen but it is still an answer.

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@linguaphile Yeah, I mean I want to know from a Christian perspective. It’s not that I don’t like non-christians or anything, I just want to hear from a certain perspective, that’s all. If I offended anyone I am truly very sorry and did not mean to offend you at all.
@zenvelo If you’re a Catholic, you’re Christian. I’m talking about people who truly believe in God and follow Christ. And I’m very happy to hear that you’re prayers have been answered!!

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@Pandora Exactly!!! When God doesn’t answer a prayer, my theology teacher says, his answer is this: “No, I have a better idea”. I believe this because we do not know what’s best for us, He does. And that’s awesome how he answered your prayers.

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I believe that God answers every prayer, only sometimes the answer is no or not yet. Some of my yes answers have been spectacular. Last night our home and family was in the direct path of a devastating series of tornados. We prayed a hedge of protection around us, our animals and our home….God is good…I’m sitting in my house with all of my family and our animals, no worries! All around us others didn’t fare so well.

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“Well keep in mind he’s not some magic genie.”
I love this.

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@Tuesdays_Child I’m interested, do you think your god just didn’t care about the people whose houses were devastated by the tornado that missed your property? Were they all unbelievers? Or just didn’t pray hard enough?

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@meiosis I definetely do not think it was because God doesn’t care about these other people or that they weren’t believers and as for not praying hard enough, well sometimes, as has been stated here, the answer to prayer is not the answer that we hope for. However, since God does all things for our good, maybe the destruction of property was a Job-type scenario. Possibly they will be rewarded with more and better things for their faithfulness.

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God does everything for a reason, but we do not know that reason. So nobody can really answer that. But I do know that God does not punish people just because they do not believe in Him and he definitely DOES care about everyone. And God can answer a little prayer even if it wasn’t prayed “hard”. He hears all prayers, but sometimes instead of YES, His answer is NOT YET or I HAVE A BETTER IDEA. I don’t think God ever really says NO, He just has a better idea than ours, because He’s much much much greater and smarter than us.
But, really, who are we to answer a question to as why God does the things He does? We can all figure it out when we go to heaven, though.

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@Tuesdays_Child I don’t know why the world is the way it is, I don’t pretend to, but I’m almost certain god doesn’t work that way, he doesn’t play that game. He/she/it doesn’t mess with people that way. A Job scenario???? God let the devil get in his ear, as the story goes and God took a pious, faithful man, decent man, Job, and destroyed everything Job had, destroyed all his worldly possessions and then killed all his children. That’s the kind of God you want to believe in? That something is just some kind of “Job scenario?” That’s a good enough explanation? God does all things for our own good? God is the source of both our blessings and our curses? Is the source of both the good and the evil that befalls us and whatever his reasons are should be good enough for us? I don’t buy. I don’t think that god has some grand scheme that involves him hovering over house fires and earthquakes and car accidents deciding whose precious baby will live and whose precious baby will die. He doesn’t work that way. He/she/it is not so capricious, he doesn’t play those games, I don’t think.

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@lillycoyote I’m sorry that you don’t agree with my response and I’m glad that you have your own beliefs….I was responding to a question posed by @meiosis in response to my first post in this thread and I did not say that God was messing with people, if you look, the words I used wwere “maybe” and “possibly” in response to whether people didn’t pray hard enough or if they were not believers. My point was that our answers to prayers are not always in the affirmative and that God has His reasons for the answers He gives us.

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God does everything for a reason. Trust me, if I knew what His reasons were I would tell you because (please don’t get offended it is just my opinion) I can’t stand it when people say that God doesn’t exist or question His wisdom. I am always wanting to teach people about God and want to help them understand as best we can. In that “Job Scenario”, I am not familiar with that story, but I knew God did that. And I know that he does it for a reason. And, like I said before, NOBODY, I mean NOBODY except Jesus and God, know those reasons.

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