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Whre you ever picked on as a child or did you ever pick on someone?

Asked by Bri_L (12206points) April 22nd, 2008

Physically or because of your cloths or things you did or didn’t have.

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No I was never picked on for that. I never picked on anyone for that because I was poor myself and because I was taught better by my parents.

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Oh yes, in kindergarten for having the most horrible teeth (fillings in so many that people thought I had braces), in school for being the fat kid and later the loser ‘baby-rocker’ (80’s style)
Even with all that, I still wasn’t the most picked on kid – not even top 3 of my year – I went to school with some pretty cruel kids.

And, yes, I am guilty of picking on some of the other kids too. Wasn’t a bully by any stretch of the imagination, but did occasionally make fun of others.

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@ mzgator – thats it isn’t it. the kids need to be taught its wrong, wrong, wrong!

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I was picked on for no apparent reason. I was one of the wealthier kods, was not overwieght, yet I didn’t stand up for myself. Once people found out that I took shit from everyone and did nothing about it they started to annoy me constantly. One day I cracked and punched a kid in the mouth. It turns out I was a lot stronger than I realized. The kid was nearly knocked unconsious and people started to respect me a little. I know violence is not the answer, but this one time it was.

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I think everyone was either one or the other. I was picked on, on and off, until I was 11 and went to secondary school. My mum always made sure I knew I was wonderful the way I was. I gained such self-confidence, I didn’t let it get to me. When I did go to secondary school, I had that instilled in me and became the girl who stood up for those who couldn’t/wouldn’t for themselves. That’s not to say I became a meanie people didn’t like, I just made the bullys aware of what they were doing, and the effects they were having.

I am not a person that can just stand idly by.

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No, not really.

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I was one of the bigger kids in my class, so nobody messed with me. Also I was pretty well liked and wouldn’t try to cause problems for others. But there were some kids who got picked on a lot at my school, but that was because they were border line retarded, and not in the cool way either.

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Oh I was picked on. I guess I was that smart, dorky kid that didn’t really stand up for himself. It led to getting pushed around, having pennies thrown at my head, and even an “I hate Adrian club.” Kids can really be quite cruel, and don’t realise the impact their actions have on others.

I like to think that they were just jealous of me ;).

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I was the fat kid. As soon as people found a new word for fat, I was sure to here it. Ironically, I’m now in better shape than all those people… Those fat bastards ;)

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In freshman year of highschool I was 6’1”. I don’t know why I was such a pushover. I was on the football team, crew team and I was in all AP classes. I really shouldve been one of the people doing the bullying, not the recipient.

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@ trogdor – I am curious to know what you mean by “not in the cool way either”.

I am a twin so I was a novelty. I was also good enough at the sports I did (swimming and pole vault ) that it made up for my average size. My brother and I always stood up for the people who were picked on. We were great verbal combatants. Some kids are so shallow minded in high school it is incredibly easy to reduce them to grunts.

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i kept picking on this guy every day in high school. His name was Stuart. Oneday in the locker room i was being a jerk to Stuart again. Stuart punched me right in the mouth. I didn’t bother Stu anymore. I guess i gave up bullying right then and there.

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Neither. I somehow knew how to avoid people that associated with that sort of behavior. My parents didn’t buy me $120 dollar shoes or a new car when I turned sixteen but I had a few things that made me feel confident, like my ability to skateboard and surf. The better I got at these sports the less I cared what anyone thought.
Actually, when I think about it there was a few kids in eighth grade that started calling me mop because I had shaggy blond hair. I think I barely remember this because I didn’t think much of these kids then, as in, nothing they could say was going to make me wanna change how I looked. It was funny because I remember them trying to be nice to me in highschool, where they were even more pathetic.

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People used to pick on me in middle school but i never let it bother me(wtf do i care what they think) so after a while it stopped.

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yea I was picked on throughout my whole educational career. I was always quiet and kept mostly to myself with new people, and alot of people took my kindness for weakness and I never stuck up for my self. It caused alot of physcological damage that I’m still trying to fix. Mostly referring to people taking advantage of me and going out of my way to make people happy. But I’m almost cured. Haha

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I wasn’t ever really picked on or did much picking on through school. But I will say this. I did usually draw quite a bit of attention to myself because of my humor which no one was safe from. Teachers, friends, enemies, they all got picked on or at least had a joke made at their expense. Was it necessarily bullying? I don’t know. Im sure there were a few kids that it hurt their feelings and shied away from me as to avoid drawing any attention to themselves. Never really thought about it in that way until now.

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yeah, I’ve always been a loser

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When I was in 7th grade, I went to the clinic because I wasn’t feeling well. There was a cute boy there and we talked a little. His girlfriend, a freshman, didn’t like it so she and her friends called me names the rest of the year. I didn’t let it bother me tho, and it died out on it’s own.

After that I somehow was considered one of the “cool” kids, so I didn’t have any more problems. There was a girl I had known since grade school, and for some reason we couldn’t stand each other. we would grimace at each other and call each other names. It was just something we did. She wasn’t very popular, and was heavy set, and not very pretty. I caught someone picking on her once, so I stuck up for her. I ended up in my one and only fight with the bully, and I beat her up. She couldn’t understand why I was sticking up for someone I didn’t even like. but I just couldn’t stand the unfairness of it all, so I protected her.

I gained a reputation of someone to fear after the fight, so the other kids were kind of in awe of me. Suzanne, the girl I stood up for, was grateful for the protection, and even tho we still called each other names, we did it with a smile as if it was an inside joke only we shared.

I wasn’t poor growing up, so what I wore was never and issue, but I was always nice to the kids who had less than I did. I’ve never been much of a materialistic person. I looked at the person inside, not what they have. I’m still that way now.

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@ dallas44 I hear that. I just got out of 5 years of hell in a job where people did that.

@ thecoot it sounds like you didn’t discriminate though. I would think if you knowingly went after peoples weaknesses or things about which they were sensative that woudl be bullying.

@ scamp. rock on scamp.

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I was an unhappy kid who wasn’t allowed to be unhappy, know what I mean? I was
often told how lucky I was: good school, nice clothes, but with weirdness at home that was not to be discussed.
There was a lot of pressure from home to be popular at school, and I wasn’t in the first
group of extremely popular girls, the small blonde cute ones. I used to hang out with my actual friend V, who was funny and lighthearted and great. Yet once I socked her in the cafeteria because she started to sit down next to the teacher we all loved when I had intended to. I just snapped. That’s the only time I was ever mean to her, but it was so terrible. She doesn’t remember it. But I do.

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Nope. I never got picked on.

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No one ever picked on me, could be because i was always taller then everyone. But i was a mean little a-hole as a kid. Especially to this one girl. And to this day I don’t know why i hated her so much. She’ll probably be my boss in a few years…oh boy

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where is the love

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I always was different even as child/teenager, and marching to my own drum made me stand out, so my classmates did not know what to do with me. I remember this one girl was especially spiteful, she would talk behind my back and say all sorts of nasty things about me, which is surprising since we were just kids-what could she have found to talk about, she used to make me cry. I had a long talk with my aunt who was a lawyer at the time which put things in perspective for me and before I knew it I was at Uni and that awful period in my life was over. The nasty girl and her posse of friends either dropped out of Uni or something and I frankly look forward to seeing all of them again, the joke was on them afterall-look who’s laughing now.

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Yes I had people put stuff in my hair a lot. Call me fat and blah blah blah… I’ve had sleeping problems since I was a child and I use to fall asleep in class a lot. One time people asked for those sticker pictures of yourself you use to get and they stuck them on my back when I fell asleep. I look back at it now and I’m so angry that the school did NOTHING to help me, but let me sleep during class. I was only in 6th grade and frankly my mother wasn’t exactly attentive. I got picked on because I was poor… I didn’t grasp the concept of designer clothes until I was in 8th grade lol. Had a kid that called me fatso ALL the time and another guy that told me I would never know what it’s like to have sex… (which is funny because that guy was trying to get in my pants 4 years later) and other things I could go on and on about. It wasn’t AS bad in High School I think I only had about 3 or 4 incidents my entire 4 years… Mostly because I made them look stupid. One time a guy thought I had taken his pen when it was really the girl in front of me and this girl I had a small feud with said maybe she ate it, and she started laughing so I mocked her laugh and she mocked it back (stupid)... I said What is your problem you fucking bitch? She then said I don’t like you you fat whore. and I said OH! I’m the whore? I could have swore it was YOU who had the abortion a few weeks ago not I? and she shut up and turned around. I still hate her to this day.

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