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Have you ever worked for a fast food restaurant?

Asked by filmfann (52039points) April 26th, 2011

News Item: 1 in 8 Americans have worked at McDonalds.
Have you worked at a fast food place?
How were you treated?
How long before you were sick of the food there?
Do you still eat there?

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This is something I always promised myself I would never do. When I was a senior in high school, I applied to a grocery store and a craft store. The grocery store called first…

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For the record, I worked at KFC for 2 years. I never got sick of the food.
The work was pretty hard, and I think it gave me a good background for my future jobs.
I eat there about every other month.

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I’ve never worked at one before. I have always been blessed to have a job as a singer.

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Never a fast food joint. I have worked some diners and greasy spoons both as cook and waiter. I never got tired of the food when I was cooking because I would experiment with different ingredients so the food was never quite the same.

I was treated pretty well at one, about average at most and like dirt at the first one. I had to file a complaint with the government to get my last 3 months pay.

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No but my son has. It was his first job in high school. The owners let me visit with him from time to time when we would eat there and the secrets he would share about some of the goings on back there. Some of them should have stayed secret if you know what I mean. Suffice to say it wasn’t at a well known franchise more of a country greasy spoon. I wish he had a job at a KFC. Love KFC .

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No. Never have.

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My first “tax paying” job was at a Burger King right after I turned 16. It was just a job to pay my insurance and get me around. It wasn’t a great job but I became pretty good friends with most of my coworkers so we came with ways to entertain ourselves. I only worked there about a year.

After I quit there, I got a job at the Sonic down the road. I was there until I graduated high school. Since Sonic doesn’t have a place for people to come inside, my coworkers and I were able to stay entertained in more amusing ways. That job all depended on who I was working with. Some days were great and some were horrible.

I don’t mind eating at either place but neither is my first choice. There were some good perks with a fast food job like the laid back, low stress almost no responsibility part. The pay was the worst part for me. I worked an average of 36–38 hours a week while going to school and didn’t have much to show for it.

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I worked at a Dunkin Donuts right after high school and some summers. It was a good job from what I hear other people say about other fast food places.

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No, but my father did, which if you knew him, you’d find hilarious, too.

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I’ve wondered what it would be like to work in a fast food place. I’ve worked in coffeehouses, a grocery store, a sushi restaurant, and an adult toy store and a family pizza restaurant. .

I imagine coffeehouse during the morning rush would be the closest. It seems like fast food places are always busy and they’re both self-service, so you’re just trying to work as fast as possible to stay ahead of the rush. I’ve worked hard, but fast food looks like really tough, thankless work.

There are always all kinds of characters in fast food restaurants- parents with groups of unruly kids, homeless people camping out, stressed out office workers, late night partiers, old people eating alone- and it seems like you would learn interesting things just from watching the customers. When I worked at the coffeehouses a lot of people would come in just to kill time, and I often wondered what was going on with them vs. the stressed-out people who needed their coffee right away, first thing in the morning.

I’ve worked at places late late at night, and that can be pretty odd, too. (Especially the closing shift at the sex shop.) Half the people are wasted, but there are some real oddballs, which makes me wonder what’s going on inside their heads. There’s this line from Sandman, “Nobody is weird from the inside,” and I wonder how these strange late-night people gradually got to the point where this behavior became normal for them. I guess every restaurant has its own fascinating little bubble of culture, including fast food.

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Nope, but then i’ve always been ambitious ;¬}

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I did at a burger joint, it was my first real job. Got paid $2.30 an hour! Awesome hamburgers and fries and real shakes, and the best Italian Beefs from their grandmas recipe! My good friend was the GM there and we used to goof off like crazy…it was a riot working there.

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I worked at a beach grill.Why they made me a cook,I’ll never knooooooooooooow…. XD

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Yup. I worked at Harvey’s (a Canadian burger joint) for 6 years. I started when I was 16, was promoted to part-time assistant manager at 18, and managed full-time from 19–22. The owner also had another franchise in a different part of town, and wanted to give it to me to run. I was seriously considering going back to school around that time, though, so I didn’t want to take it and then leave him in the lurch.

It was a good place to work. I made a ton of friends, and learned a ton of different stuff. I worked in all areas of the restaurant – as a cook, cashier, counter clerk, cleaner, I hired and fired, made schedules, did inventory… It’s been almost 10 years since I left, but I still appreciate every day I spent there.

As a manager I ate for free, so I really didn’t buy groceries for a couple of years. Harvey’s is more “real” food than a lot of fast food places, so I was able to mix things up and cook stuff that wasn’t on the menu so I didn’t get sick of it. I still eat there sometimes, but I’m trying to cut down on fast food, and there isn’t one too near where I live.

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I worked at Arbys in highschool. It was fun doing the typical stuff like smoking weed and drinking in the back etc. AIthough I don’t eat there anymore.

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I actually was not hired at one, and I consider that a compliment. They actually told me that the reason they didn’t hire me was that I was too involved at my high school and would need to have too many nights off. They wanted a more flexible schedule.

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My dad worked at mcdonalds many moons ago. He said that he got a lot of free food, especially pies. I don’t think they’d do that now, but at least you’d get a discount. He thought that it wasn’t too bad of a job. Obviously not a career, just a summertime thing for him.

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pies? at mcdonalds? are you sure?

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silly me, i was imagining a meat pie. I’m a mcdonalds virgin…

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