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How to get fast with two fingers on a bass guitar?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) April 22nd, 2008

BTW: I practice with an acoustic guitar.


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Practice, practice, practice! Scales are great!

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Learn some metal tunes, and practice every day.

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practice practice, the way i practice, just play an hour a day at least :)

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Practice with a bass. Put some heavy strings on it. As Tedrillar said, learn some metal.

Once you get fast, throw some lighter strings on it and you will get really fast. The acoustic isn’t going to help much with hand strength or speed.

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well, it also takes time, don’t think you’ll be fast in a year, it takes tima, and patience, and playing @ 1 in the morning

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It’s going to be difficult if you’re practicing on an acoustic guitar. Practice is the key, and it helps to find a particularly difficult (and fast) song and learn to play it perfectly.

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start by getting a bass

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sounds so stupid to say practice but it’s true. If you really love it like i do…you won’t see it as practice but as something fun. Does that make sense?


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Yeah, it sure is fun.

The thing is that I don’t take lessons, I just try to play along with some songs. But I really want to use two fingers for ska-music etc.

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I used to take classical (spanish) guitar lessons and play bass on a metal band… one of the things from the classical lessons that I think helped me the most to my bass playing was practicing a spanish piece (called MalagueƱa) that had a lot of tremolo

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picking hand or fretting hand? If you’re asking about fretting hand, do yourself a big favor and use ALL four fingers. They’ll hate you at first, but I’ve talked to SO many guys that cheated and excluded the pinky, and they regret it big time ‘cause their range and speed is now so limited. hope that helps.

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