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Did Obama make a mistake releasing his birth certificate now?

Asked by filmfann (45804points) April 27th, 2011

This morning, Barack Hussein Obama handed out copies of his birth certificate to the White House press.
Does this end the birther movement?
Has he made a tactical error in bringing more attention to this?
Should he have done this years ago?
Does this end the Trump campaign?

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It’s a fake! It’s been forged! Anybody believes that “copy” is real is a complete BOOB! lol!

He had no choice but to do this. I saw a Newsweek poll yesterday that only 38% of people polled believed Obama was born in the US. What is even funnier is that only 48% thought Trump was born here! This whole thing is ridiculous!

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As an outsider looking in, i’m going to say…..why the fuck should it matter? Answers on a postcard please.

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Poor guy, he doesn’t know where the birth canal was when he was born, he can only go by what his Mom recorded when he was born. Makes you wonder if she was psychic..

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1. It was not a mistake. It can only help.

2. He had already released it before when this first came up.

3. It proves that 62% of Americans are idiots.

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It’s on CNN now in a fucking PDF. This should end it for good, but then again, they have shown it before and that didn’t do anything.

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If I were him, I would have just Ignored the birther thing, and if I was forced to comment on it, I would have answered by saying that I have ignored it as it was so unreasonable of a claim, and that I dont have time to disprove nonsense.

I think it was a mistake, and I believe he did do this years ago. (i could be mistaken).

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Isn’t the fact that he is pesident enough proof that he is born an American?

Do people really have so little faith in their democracy?
Well, maybe they’re right, given the somewhat dubious process and results two elections ago :-)

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Doesn’t matter. Right-wingers need to be enraged about something. FOX, Limbaugh, the GOP, etc are happy keep them stirred up with a huge menu of fake scandals.

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He should have done it long ago.

I agree with @cruiser, the birthers will call it a fake.

This issue is so stupid. We really need to define natural born citizen more clearly so something like this does not happen again. We live in a time of being able to travel in a few hours to another country. Many people have international jobs and work as expats, or vacation across borders. We can’t have accident of birth be the defining requirement for excluding or including a citizen eligible for president.

I don’t think it ends Trumps campaign, if Trump wants to continue campaigning. I actually kind of liked the guy until he did this birther bullshit.

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@poisonedantidote He tried that for a couple years now.

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We really need to define natural born citizen more clearly so something like this does not happen again.

What? Obama was born in the US to an American mother.

His citizenship is the same as every President since Martin Van Buren, born in 1782. (Previous presidents where born before the United States was a country.)

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@jaytkay He is a citizen, no question, no matter where he was born. However, natural born citizen regarding the presidency has been challenged in court in the past. I personally feel Obama is natural born, because at the time of his birth he was an American citizen. But, I really do think it needs to clearly state that any person meeting the guidelines necessary for American citizenship at the time of their birth is a natural born citizen.

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if the birthers were the Taliban, they would accuse him of giving in to terrorists

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It’s not complicated
Naturalized = became a citizen after birth.
Natural born = born as a citizen

And birthers were not arguing the meaning of “natural born”. They cling to the fantasy that Obama was born outside the US, because they can’t come to terms with the reality that their side lost the election in 2008.

It’s willfull ignorance, not some nuanced legal argument.

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@jaytkay The hardcore birthers are fucking idiots, because they think being born outside of the country means he is not American at all, let alone not eligible to be president.

I thought there have been supreme court cases arguing whether a person must be born on US soil to be president, are you saying that is not the case? That they are evn willing to hear a case means maybe it should be defined more clearly I think. There certainly is an umbrella of belief that a person must be born here to qualify.

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I think he should have pointed out that John McCain was not born in the United States.

And he should ask Donald Trump for his birth certificate. Trump showed his, but all he showed was a souvenir form a hospital, not a government document.

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Where’s the certificate that proves he’s not a Communist, eh!?

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@The_Idler He’s got the same on you do!

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@zenvelo Pointing out anything about John McCain’s birth would not really do anything for the birthers. They are obsessed with his African father. John McCain was born in the Canal zone when his military father was stationed their.

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I think there are many more important things going on that need our attention. Honestly, the only people I personally know who keep talking about this are people who throw out the phrase birthers. I haven’t met a birther and only know of them from Obama supporters.

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@bkcunningham Come to my facebook wall. Plenty of my republican friends have been obsessed with his birth for the last few years, and keep bringing it up.

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He should have charged several thousands of dollars per copy. Let the rich whack-jobs help pay for the running of the government because they sure as hell refuse to pay taxes.

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I can’t help but wonder why he didn’t do this when the issue first came up and rendered it a non issue, unless of course he did not have said document in the beginning, which leads me to question the authenticity of the recently released document.

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Apparently, some people think he did do that in the beginning @YoBob.

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@bkcunningham Admittedly news to me as I too do not have time for such silliness

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These idiots won’t be happy until he unzipps his black-guy costume and steps out a white dude.

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I watched about 3 minutes of “The Donald” this morning and about 60 seconds of Obama. At this point, it falls under the category of IDGAD and then people bring in the race thing. Gimme a break.

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What I find really scary is that “The Donald” is emerging as a serious candidate. I don’t know which would be more terrifying 4 more years of Obama or the thought of President Trump.


Perhaps the Mayans were right about the end of the world in 2012…

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@YoBob I don’t see why Donald is much worse than the others. The only real negative is the same as the negative Obama had, not a lot of Experience working in government, but I would guess Trump works with governments.

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@JLeslie – “The only real negative is the same as the negative Obama had, not a lot of Experience working in government”

I wouldn’t say that is his only negative. However, it is a biggie. This is the primary reason I did not support Obama during the last election and would be a major factor for me when I go to the polls in 2012.

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@YoBob well, sure of course you are right it is not his only negative. What I meant, but I said it poorly, is most of the candidates out there aren’t so great, definitely have their negatives, so maybe not much worse in total than the other people who might run. I actually think Trump will play hardball with other countries regarding trade, and he has more knowledge than the average Governor or Senator on that front I bet. Not that I am fighting to get him elected or anything.

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@YoBob the operative word is “serious.” And, @JLeslie, “You’re Fired” owns a private business. Daylight and dark from “government managed” and “The Donald.”

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@bkcunningham What I meant was he owns multinational companies and has done business that involves getting government approval, and makes concessions to business in foreign countries. He also knows the power people in many countries. I said above he does not have government experience, the one thing he has in common with Obama, although Obama had a couple of years.

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This should have been resolved a couple of years back. There are only two real requirements for president, you must be a natural born citizen and be 35 years of age. Both can be verified with the birth certificate. Obama let this linger for months before showing the certificate of live birth which fostered the whole debate. And now finally the actual birth certificate (more than two years after the fact). I can’t believe as a country we leave it to the media or the opposition party to discern whether these requirements are met. It would seem a simple FBI check and certification should be required prior to any candidate being placed on the ballot.

If Trump is smart he will call this settled and claim a victory for having done so. We’ll see if that’s how it goes down.

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Obama was a community organizer. Trump works in the private world @JLeslie. I’m not defending Trump. But it is odd that all of a sudden Trump, who I wouldn’t vote for, comes onto the scene and Obama is doing a freaking press conference!?? What? Like okay dude, calm down. Just run our country, k?

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@bkcunningham I know where they worked. I am talking working as an elected politician.

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Well, I suppose it comes down to who you trust the most @JLeslie. What their credentials are and how they stack up based on your standards. Just MHO. Word to your brother. Yo Yo. Shout out about to be hap in neang.

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@bkcunningham You have me totally confused. I am not pushing one candidate over another, or even stating who I like. Just observations.

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@JLeslie I just made a broad statement. Not directed at you personally. I didn’t intend to personalize the pronoun “you” to mean you. hee hee

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It would be a bit late to discover he is not eligible to be President.

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@Jaxk it was NOT left to the media to sort out. This has been sorted out with the justice department from the day it was MEANT to have been. Presidents have no obligation to make PUBLIC any personal documents. Only the justice department needs to be satisfied, and they were and THEY can tell the difference between a real one and one not legitimate, unlike Trump and his minions.

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@cazzie what the heck did the US Dept. of Justice do? I missed that waste of money.

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@jaytkay, I wish I could give you more lurve for your answer concerning the right-wing! Consider yourself very lurved!

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@GracieT what did he say?

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His basic point was that it really doesn’t matter how much proof Obama puts forth. He pointed out that the right-wing needs something to be enraged about, so they’ll ignore the truth just so they have something to yell about.

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@bkcunningham because of a law suit filed, the matter was brought to court and dismissed. If you want to accuse anyone of wasting time and money, blame the birthers for bringing what the judged deemed a ‘frivolous’ lawsuit.

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Who cares. He and all other presidents have made it clear that people like me are not their concern. They would prefer to make my life harder to make rich peoples’ lives easier.

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I’m really starting to think that politics and government is a joke. This BS has convinced me that this shit is a circus.

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Hey, link me to the website man. I’m too lazy to look @cazzie. I hope it is a real news site and not some bs site that is spreading props.

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I think Obama made a mistake in running for the presidency from the get-go, simply because he did not have the experience to do the job correctly. But that’s just me…

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Because he didn’t go far enough @WillWorkForChocolate?

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Ummm, more that he lacked the political experience to get the job done without fucking up a bunch of other things in the process.

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What did you want him to accomplish? And what did he f-up in your opinion? I am really interested if you don’t mind.

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I really don’t want to get into a political debate, as it gets my dander up. A lot of people don’t agree with me, and that’s fine. We’ll just say I don’t like the guy, and leave it at that.

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel like I was attacking you. On the contrary. Now, apparantly, it seems we agee.

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No, no… I didn’t mean to imply I was feeling attacked, not at all. It’s just a “thing” of mine, that if I get too deep into the realm of politics, I get all pissy. I try to keep my comments on political questions short and infrequent. :)

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Well, you did a good job. Smiles

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@bkcunningham to lazy to click on a link but all the time in the world to keep posting… hmmmm It’s a website called Snopes that researches and debunks urban legends and it quotes its sources.

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No, he did not.

By the way, and I mentioned this before: Did you know that Dick Cheney is actually a time traveler and Romulan undercover agent who had advanced reconstructive surgery.

What? You don’t believe me? Aha. So?

Well, no, I don’t believe you. Prove it to me that you are right.

You got proof? Aha. Show it to me.

Oh no, that’s not a proof. Dick Cheney is a time traveler and Romulan undercover agent.

Yes, I’m sure of it. You disagree? I said prove it to me that you are right.

Yeah, see you tomorrow.

Yeah, we’ll see.

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