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Anybody else get a kick out of leaving books in public places for other people to take?

Asked by answerjill (6170points) April 27th, 2011

This is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes, I just leave them out for others to take. Other times, I go a step farther and register and label the books at

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Ahh, I was going to write something silly; but I looked at the link. Really cool. We were just talking about that with balloons and homing pigeons. Anyway, that is a neat idea. What’s some interesting feedback you’ve gotten? How long have you been doing this? What books have you put out, if you don’t mind my asking.

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I leave books, magazines and other small items that some one might enjoy.

Recently, some extra hard cases for eyeglasses
A jar of salsa that was too hot for my tastes
CD’s that no longer interest me.

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What a great idea!
I have left things in library books before :)

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Wow, cool link! Kind of like a travel bug, but with attached content.

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@lucillelucillelucille do phone numbers and suggestive photos count?

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@lucillelucillelucille I once found an old handwritten Valentines Day love poem inside an antique book some GI wrote his girlfriend during WWII. It was romantic! ;)

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@bkcunningham -Yes,of course! Why haven’t you called??XD
@Cruiser – Did you call him? ;)

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I never thought of doing that. I think I value books too much. I have given books to charities and donated them to libraries and collections, but I have never just left one somewhere.

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What a fun program! Thanks for sharing the link. I wish I had known about it before I donated almost all of my books to the local library last year. I sometimes wonder where they ended up.

People leave books behind at hotels all the time. They go into Lost & Found, and if unclaimed after 90 days, they are given away. A few hotels have created a spot in their library or business center where they put the books out with a sign that encourages guests to take one or leave one behind. It would be fun to track those books as well.

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Glad to see that there is interest! There are some books that I tend to hold onto forever, but the ones that I leave out for others are usually works of fiction that I haven’t gotten too attached to and don’t think that I am likely to re-read. I get a lot of my books for free or cheap, and when I travel, I tend to leave them behind in faraway places as I finish them. Most often, though, I just leave them right outside my apartment building. It is on a major street and the books are usually snapped up very quickly. Other times, I leave them on public transportation or in transit stations.

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Seriously?? OH my goodness!!! People actually take them? I’d be more afraid that the book I left would just get thrown in the trash… I have registered though and will get to know more about it as the evening progresses… hoe unbelievably cool though!! Thank you xxxx

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Remember the book that someone, was it @gailcalled (sorry if it wasn’t you) found and it was autographed to someone? She found it at a booksale near the campus of some older American college. That was a good thread. I thought it was romantic. Some thought it was creepy. Some thought it was…I don’t remember. But it was cool.

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I’d love to leave annotated and dog-eared copies of books I’ve read, everywhere in the world.
Mostly I end up just giving them to friends.

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I’ve read about this and think it’s a cool idea but have not done it yet.

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What books @everephebe? Let’s do it. I’ll leave some of my Appalachian authors, eecummings, stephan crane and others. Who would you leave?

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Leave them for stangers. I trust them. Don’t you? If they don’t get it…well; they can have it. By golly. Whatever it is. Humph

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I also leave the t-shirts I get by volunteering. They are men’s sizes, they never fit and yet I can’t bring myself to cut them up for rags.

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I found a book sitting on top of a trash can on Pennsylvania avenue. Oddly enough it was an early release of a new book I had just been discussing with a friend, and it was a reviewers’ copy, not for sale. I wonder if it got a bad review?

In my condo we have a “swap table” where things occasionally appear in the laundry room. I started it with books I did not want. Gradually it included other things that people valued too much to throw away.

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We sort of do that in my neighborhood @anartist. I don’t see anything wrong with that. We drive around in golf carts and on trash night, look out. I’ve seen people trying to strap a recliner on a golf cart. LOL

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