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So, I wonder what your "pornstar" name could be (see details)?

Asked by ucme (49338points) April 27th, 2011

Okay, this is just a bit of fun. Whatever your views on porn may be, put them to one side for a moment & see where this takes you. Rumour has it (although god knows where it sprang from) that if you take the name of your first pet, coupled with your mother’s maiden name….hey presto, you’ve found your very own potential pornstar name. In my case it really doesn’t work that well….Rebel Mitchell just hasn’t got what it takes for me. Maybe yours will sound crap too, but hey, may be worth a few laughs along the way. For those who do decide to play along, I lurve you, so very very much! =0)

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Bubbles Treadwell

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Hate to kill your game but these are two very common security questions. That’s how hackers get into your accounts.

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@Adirondackwannabe Well, that is true of course. Hey, just call me Mr. Naive. Oh bugger, just make them up then :¬(

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Angel Avery

I can dig it. It’s definitely a female porn star’s name, though… :P

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Flaps Rudge. Not made up

@Adirondackwannabe I never use real information for any internet ‘security’ questions. FakeNameGenerator is your friend…

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@ucme Sorry about that. I had to get into a wireless network this week and guess what they asked for the security question.
@meiosis Good idea.

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@Adirondackwannabe Hey, no problem. I’m just kicking myself I didn’t think about it first.

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@Cruiser Well i’m turned on already! ;¬}

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Marco Hett

I like @Cruiser‘s and @meiosis‘s made me giggle!!!

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Oh wait, I just read the security question thing. That’s a good point. :\

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I’m not going to use my mom’s maiden name. I’ve seen different rules where you use the name of the street you lived on when you were born. So here goes. Pet’s name + street name=

Pepsi Stella

(I’d love to play along @ucme. I asked this when I first joined Fluther (before social) but it was pushed to editing because it didn’t meet Fluther standards.:P)

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@jonsblond How things have changed then it seems :¬)

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@jonsblond My porn name would suck using that. Cookie State Route 80

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@Adirondackwannabe lol!

That makes me Cocoa Clarke. I like the one with the maiden name, but this is pretty catchy, too.

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Using street name, mine would be:

Marco Welland

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Lucky Smith I don’t use either of these as security questions!

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Pheather Lang

(Pheather was a dilute calico persian. Prettiest damn cat you ever saw.)

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Archie Martin
If I used my first pet and street name it would be Archie McGill.

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Precious Winnie -

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Bootsie Woods lol

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Goldie Williams
Yep, that’ll do it.

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Fluffy Fairhall.

Street name: Fluffy Boland.

I’ve heard people using their middle name + street name, too. A friend of mine in high school, using that formula, said hers would be Lynda Lakeview. (I like that one!)

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ok a made up one for me then….. what about Bunny Sparkles? yep, kinda like that. OK, got the big mams au naturale now all I need is the packaging <wanders off to (might be NSFW this link guys) Agent Provocateur for some…. er….. new packaging to go with my new name :-)

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Gurgi Malnurik.

Yeah, that’s not cute at all.

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@erichw1504 Hahaha, it sounds more like the name of an STD than a porn star name.

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Daisy Maynard.

It’s not too bad.

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Desiree Crapo.
I think that last name means I gotta do a lot of anal.

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To heed @Adirondackwannabe ‘s warning and not share my security question answers, I’ll do my second cat and my __great-grandmother’s__ maiden name.

And that is…Orlando Franklin. Hmmm. Want to trade, @DominicX ?

Hm, that’s funny, my first cat was actually named after my great-grandmother, so if I had used the first cat’s name with that maiden name, my porn star name would have just been my great-grandmother’s exact name. Ha.

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Kasya Kolychkina.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir That beats everyone elses so far!

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@Leanne1986 :) It’s even cooler if I used my street name. Kasya Proletarskaya.

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Ginger Carolle.
Bwaha, that sounds like a name for one of those old porn stars that’s 34 but plays an 18 year old girl, and completely fails.

@Vunessuh Crapo? Lol. XD

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If I use my first pet and my great-grandma’s maiden name, I would be Big Boy Clifford. GAH! It sounds like I would be the porn star that everyone is embarrassed to still see in the business.
If I use my second pet and the street I lived on, it would be Hershey Peach. I like that one a little better, but it still doesn’t sound that good to me.

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Following @jonsblonds directions, it is (not kidding!) Kami Gomer!

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Bear Johnson
None of which I use as security questions.

I’ve also always gone with the Middle name and street grew up on:
Wayne Muldoon

Both sound like good Porn star names to me, lol.

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Hey, that wasn’t too bad now was it? I mean, no one’s computer crashed & burned…..I hope!
Here’s an anagram of my name, Anal Wilinose!! Hmm, I missed my calling in life.
Cheers folks, good stuff :¬)

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LOL..I used to have two Silky chickens, one white & one black named ’ Boots & Bubbles.
Chicken strippers. haha

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Adding to this question, my friend at work said you use your middle name and a street you grew up on.

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Mines is Alex Channing, lol

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Chubs Chronister.

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Using the middle name and a street I lived on:

Joelie Fuller

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Hey, if we dance together we could call our duet….” Fuller Woods!” lololol

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Sunshine Trenton
(using my cousins last name)

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If I used my middle name and street I grew up on it would be Ann 69…

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Like @jonsblond, I’ve also heard it with street name:

Shelly First

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@cprevite For a second I thought that read Fist. haha

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Buddy G. (as in the the letter G)

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Teddy Graham…. not very sexy.

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@Mz_Lizzy add cracker to it and I’m sure plenty of folks will wanna eat you. :D lol

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Using my middle name and street name I would be:
Anne McGill

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lol@winters. Thank you for the advice. I will take that on board when I try out to be a porn star :-D

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