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How did an entire folder of image files just disappear from my computer?

Asked by spendy (1446points) April 22nd, 2008

I spent almost 5 hours last night editing images. All of the originals and edited images were saved together in one file on my desktop. A moment ago, I booted up my computer and opened the file (with plans to burn a disc for backup). NOTHING THERE! What in the world could have happened? Luckily, I tossed the ones I needed into a zip-file last night and uploaded everything to my lab. Unfortunately, if I need to make changes or place another order from one of the originals…I can’t. Everything’s gone. How does an entire folder of image files just disappear? We’re talking about at folder that was at least 125MB. I checked the recycle bin…nothing there either. What’s up? Can I recover them somehow?

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Could you have accidentally moved them to another folder? You could always run a search on your system for ”*.jpg” or whatever your file extension is to see if they still exist somewhere.

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yea great point I run a application where when I put .jpg files on my desk top it automatically puts them in iPhoto. Definetly do a disk search

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Could it be that you created two folders in the beginning, saved to one and then decided to check the other by accident? Also, sometimes I think I’m saving a file or folder in one place and end up saving it in a different, similarly named place. Perhaps all those saves you were making were to a different folder on your computer. See if your “recent documents” menu gives you the pictures you were editing and then click on one of them to see where the rest of them might be.

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image elves!!! Happens to me all the time!!!

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Thanks you guys. As it turns out…I moved the folder (drag and drop). For some reason, the folder (empty) was still showing up on my desktop. I found my images in the original folder that I moved to another spot. What a mess!

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sounds a good result, thanks to god you have found out your images, but mine went to heaven!!

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