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Could a space dive work?

Asked by MasterAir16 (261points) April 27th, 2011

Space dive is the concept that a person jump from outer Earth atmosphere to straight down the Earth.

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You know those heat shields they have on the shuttle? They’re there for a good reason, a space dive would result in one frazzled dude, probably be nothing left to hit the earth at the end of it.

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@RocketGuy wow. That looks breath-takingly beautiful up there.

Would love to do something like that.

Here’s a video of him talking about it.

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And it was before Yuri Gagarin’s flight too!

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What’s “straight down”? Seriously, if you consider that as you stand on the surface of the planet at the Equator, you have a rotational velocity of just over 1000 mph. That is, the planet spins and you spin with it at speed. The atmosphere spins, too, and so does everything in it. In fact, the things in the upper atmosphere, if they appear to be “in the same place” overhead, are spinning proportionally faster in order to keep up with your speed on the ground.

In addition to the Earth’s spin, it’s also rotating around the Sun. So your “straight” dive has several twists and turns, and it only looks straight to the person on the ground who has no sense of movement.

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