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College Preparation Tips?

Asked by LukeFonFabre (212points) April 27th, 2011

I will attend to college in this fall, and I am kind of nervous about college. So any college preparation tips?

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Read the book – “How to Study” if it is still in print or something equivalent.

I was an A+ student in High School. First year University was a real shock, until I read that book and followed the guidelines I found in it. I had a 3.96 GPA at the end of four years.

One more thing, make sure you read many books on many subjects and learn to spell well and follow the rules of grammar for your language of tudy.

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Can you take care of yourself? Eat well without Mom looking over your shoulder, do laundry, manage time wisely, know when to see a doctor, self-motivate? These are important first steps.

Ask questions and seek help when you need it. Go to professors’ office hours if you’re struggling, seek a counselor if leaving home is very emotionally difficult, see academic advising if you need help finding your path.

Go out of your comfort zone. If you’re shy, initiate conversations with people in your dorms and classes. Go to club meetings that sound interesting, even if you can’t find anyone to go with you. Leave your door open. Try new things.

I see your only interest listed on your profile is robotics – is that your intended major by any chance? It’s mine, too. :)

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@Mariah Of course, I can take of myself. :) and no, robotics is not my intended major. I always want to major in mathematics.

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I did terribly academically in college. I really think I just wasn’t ready, and I could have benefited from a gap year. Or two.

My advice is to get to know your professors. Speak up in class, go to their office hours, email them questions, etc. You’ll get more out of the class, and the professor will be more willing to help you come finals time if he/she already knows you.

I probably wouldn’t have graduated if I hadn’t formed bonds with my professors and thus gotten away with lots of shenanigans (such as being allowed to read the English version of a book for Spanish class, skipping an entire paper, getting extra time on assignments, etc.)

I’m not suggesting you use these relationships to be a slacker, like I did, but rather to enhance your studies with academic interpersonal relationships.

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don’t overload your first term. As in, don’t think you can handle as many subjects as you took in highschool at one time. College is more intense, but more fun in the fact that you can actually immerse yourself in the subject you’re studying if you want to.

But there’s a reason a quarter system only requires 3 classes a term and semesters require 4. I would take 100 level courses to start, and if you can research your professors on a rating site, it could be helpful too when deciding what sections to sign up for (ex:

I would also take subjects that you know you wont fail. If you already know you want to major in Math take classes in that department first.

good luck!

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I have to tell you, I was really not looking forward to going to college. I wasn’t ready to leave home and was really nervous about living with some stranger for an entire year. I can honestly say though that you really have nothing to worry about. Before school started I attended a special optional orientation session that was about five days long and included team building exercises and campus tours and things like that. I would highly recommended attending something like that, most universities have them. I met the people I still hang out with there and after that I felt like I fit right it. The transition couldn’t have been easier. Laundry was another thing that terrified me. It’s not a difficult as everyone (mom included) makes it seem. I just separate what I put in cold water and what I put in hot water (towels, sheets etc…) and then I’m done. Just remember that most people will be as nervous as you are during your first few days even though they may not show it!

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Ask your mother?

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College is fun. It sure sounds a lil’ intimidating at first but as you get into it things will be fine. You just need to enter with a fresh mind with clear goals and stick to it. The first few days could be stressful; missing home, trying to adjust with the new environment, studies etc etc. All you need to is relax and go with the flow. Also, ask questions in class, get involved, and choose your study partners well. Build rapport with professors and fellow students. It really helps a lot. Things to avoid: bad habits, wasting time. Stay focussed and don’t let petty things bog you down. You can avoid a lot of headache, heartache and beer belly by following these 20 simple rules. It’s fun. All the best!

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