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Why are people on Dailybooth so stuck up?

Asked by Brie (283points) April 27th, 2011

Not all of them, but the ones who have 200+ followers are always really rude.
They don’t reply to your comments unless you’re complimenting them or you’re pretty.
I thought the website for was pictures and art and stuff, not one big online fashion show.
I mean if I wanted to have to worry about self image and popularity, I would have just went back to high school.

Me, I only have 34 followers and post pictures of photography like things (not myself usually). Yet, girls who make it a point to squeeze their breasts together and wear short shorts have almost 500 followers.

Are people that narrow minded? I would think they would be quite brilliant and artistic to get into something that has to do with photography, but I guess not.

Has anybody else had this problem on Dailybooth or am I just being irrational and dramatic?

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