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Is there anyway to replace cracked glass on the front of an iphone?

Asked by xacrox (243points) April 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

If I dropped my iPhone and cracked the glass but the screen still works fine. Is there a way that I could replace the glass or do I need to purchase a new phone?

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There’s a repair process that you can pursue by contacting Apple Support; if they determine that the damage was due to negligence (not covered by the warranty), they will charge you for the repair and offer a quote on the repair if you send it in.

Otherwise, since the product is still under the 1yr. warranty, you can ask if the damage will be covered-no harm in asking.

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sweet I hope I can repair it, I don’t mind paying either (if it is cheaper than getting a new one) I can’t have any other type of phone now, I’m addicted.

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I broke my first iPhone due to me dropping it. I sent it to Apple and they charged me $272 and sent me a brand new iPhone. I later met someone who told them that he left his phone is car and it got so cold that the screen froze and cracked and theyreplaced it free. There are some threads online that talk about replacing thre screen yourself but I wouldnt suggest this because it would void your warranty.

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exchange it for a new one

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physical damage repairs on Apple products are often too expensive to carry out…..but just a thought: do you have house content insurance? That might cover it.

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My sister in law dropped her husband’s and cracked the screen. She took it to the Apple store, and they were gonna charge her like $200. She said screw it and started looking at a case for it. Then the guy there came up and said here! Traded hers, no questions asked! She got lucky, and now she is very careful with the new one!

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I called and they said it would be 295 minus tax to replace. Ugh!

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Thats a bummer make sure and sync your phone to itunes before you send it so all your contacts ect. are saved.

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I did the same thing to my iPhone. I just bought those plastic screen covers to make sure the break wouldnt get any worse.

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