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What's the best mistake you've made recently?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) April 27th, 2011

I accidentally bought the wrong color hair dye and it dyed my brown hair dark, almost black, and my highlights a pretty plum. It looks kinda awesome. What have you done accidentally that turned out good?

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I let a couple of Secret Service types “borrow” my birth certificate yesterday for $5000.

i got it back with a bunch of white-out all over it but i am $5000 richer. drinks are on me!

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I bought a pair of sandals for my mom that turned out to be too small for her but they fit my sister and happen to be just right for her to wear with her Maid of Honor gown.

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When my mother passed away, I had the honor of cleaning out her house and selling it.

I had many filled boxes waiting to be taken to the Salvation Army to donate. On a whim, I reached inside one of the filled boxes and discovered a small box, that I had overlooked. Taking the top off the box, I discovered many old silver dollars my dad had collected for many years. A really valuable 1882 silver dollar was also in this collection.

I almost threw away some valuable coins. This mistake turned out to be a collectors paradise in old coins.

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I accidently stepped on my doggy’s paw and I felt so bad that I quickly picked him up and my thumb landed on a tiny lump in his arm pit. I stopped to look at it and it was a tick that I knew wasn’t there earlier because I had just bathed him and combed him earlier that day. His hair was long then, so I would not have noticed probably until the next time I bathed him since it was still cold and I usually don’t check except for when I bathe or comb him. I’m glad I found it really early since it could’ve had lime disease and usually takes a few days for the disease to transfer.

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