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What is your rockstar name?

Asked by Vunessuh (16712points) April 27th, 2011

How about this one…

Combine the name of one of your pets with the name of a vehicle you’ve owned or if you want, just your favorite vehicle.

Here’s two of mine:

Pumpkin F-150

Noel Mustang

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Frosty 4-Runner

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Sterling Escape

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Milo Liberty

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Floella Golf

ucme's avatar

Beauty Elise
Penny Picasso

Seelix's avatar

Pepper Neon. Rawr!

creative1's avatar

Snowy Escape

MilkyWay's avatar

Tiger BMX / Lucky Scorpio…
Which sounds better?

kariper's avatar

Dolly mercedes

ucme's avatar

Wizzpig Escort
Banjo Mini

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I’m partial to tigers, @queenie .

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Mel Cord
Please! Don’t storm the stage and keep your hands to yourself.

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rockin’ with Pugoodle Raleigh

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Jim Morrison. Except sober and drawn by Jhonen Vasquez.

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Smoky Escort
Daisy Turismo
Copper Fairmont

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Scotty Super Snipe. And yes I live in the USA.

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Sandy Renault

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Sweetness Accent. Trouble Aries. Amino Ciera.


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Mia Cherokee

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This is a hard one for me since I had a problem with naming pets after foreign cars, lol.
Countach Z

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Tabby Blazer

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Pengy the Librarian – (Or is that my vicious video game moniker? Oy – I get confused.)

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Re-Re Sonata

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Stymie Windstar

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Tannen Volkswagen

Spex Fiesta

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Catastrophe Porsche.

Erm. I don’t actually own a Porsche, though.

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Waffles Malibu

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Rare Intrepid

We really did have a cat named Rare when I was a kid, except we pronounced it Raaaaaaaaaaare, lol.

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Smokey Triumph

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Shelby Wagon :/

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Sparrow La’Mone

Coloma's avatar


That’s a stripper name if I ever heard one! lol

Shake those waffles.

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@Coloma Your comment has me laughing so hard I’m crying.

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Shanghai Outback

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My pleasure! :-)

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Jack Civic

This question made me realize that I have never owned a car that was not a Honda Civic of some kind.

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Gracie Legacy.

or Orlando Legacy, but Orlando was already my pornstar name today.

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Zara Metro

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Jack Cougar

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