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Any good recommendations on a compact digital camera?

Asked by peedub (8682points) April 22nd, 2008

I’m looking for something in the $200 range. I want it to be fairly small and flat. I’m also looking for one that can take pictures at a close-up range.

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I recently bought me one of these
They’re inexpensive, fairly small, very easy to use and for your average happy snapper, it’s good quality – oh and it does have a macro setting.

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i agree with wildflower…..i love fuji product exspecially their digital cameras…

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…and I love your name :D

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Thanks, that camera looks perfect.

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Here’s an awesome camera ive been using for months! It is by far my favorite Camera ever.

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Eambos- you’re a silly goose!

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Revenge is sweet!

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