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Any women experience bleeding after intercourse while pregnant?

Asked by erikaziger (345points) April 27th, 2011

I am about 6 weeks along. I had some bleeding in the first week of pregnancy. It was dark brown and only happened once so the dr said it was fine, nothing to worry about. Later that week I had two incidences of very tiny blood spots, again brown. Dr said it’s fine but that I should refrain from intercourse so as not to get freaked out. I had over 2 weeks of no blood, so last night my husband and I had intercourse. I was on top to make sure not too deep. This afternoon I had two large brown spots of blood!!!! Called the doctor and she said all we can do is wait. Has anyone else had brown blood in the first trimester with or without intercourse??

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I haven’t personally had this, but I know several women that have. During pregnancy, you have a lot of extra blood flow going to your uterus and cervix. This can make your cervix very sensitive and can cause it to bleed easily. If you doctor says no sex, it’s best to listen.

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Yes, after intercourse, I was told not to worry unless it did not stop or got heavier.

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Large as in bigger than a quarter or large as in I’m-freaking-out-too-much-to-be-rational? Chill. The doctor told you its ok and normal. You’re not doing yourself ANY favors freaking yourself out. THAT is why your doctor told you to wait. So you don’t freak out and release all kinds of stress hormones into your bloodstream. CHILL!!!!!

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Perfectly normal reasons can cause this. Don’t freak out.
My wife often spotted after intercourse. She would go nuts, but everything was fine.

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I had heavy bright red bleeding during week 8 of my pregnancy. I assumed I was having a miscarriage. I went to the ER and after hours of tests and expecting the worst, the baby was fine and I was fine. The dr said sometimes this happens after sex. I’m now 21 weeks and have had no complications with the baby. You should still see a dr and get checked out. If the dr won’t give u a sonogram, I would go to the hospital and tell them you’re bleeding. They’ll most likely give you one there. It’s too soon to hear the heartbeat. So the only real way of making sure the baby is still in there, is by sonogram. They can also do blood tests to check your hormone levels and make sure they’re up high enough.

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