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Do you have a secret that could end your marriage?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) April 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

maybe you have a dark secret,naughty secret. Thought of this Q watching “moment of truth”

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If I did I wouldn’t be talking about it on here.

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No not married, why is this question showing twice?

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If you do have a secret that could end your marriage, you shouldn’t be in it (the marriage that is), because either you’re not honestly committed or it’s not strong enough to withstand some turbulence.

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everybody has a secret. Even a secret they dont tell there lovers or family

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@Hollister0221: Amend to “they dont tell their lovers or family, but tell Fluther!”

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Any secrets I may have would remain secret, and I wouldn’t go on a game show to reveal it for any amount of money. I think that show is in the same league as the Springer show.

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Tell your secret now and ruin your marriage; next time on “The Moment Of Truth”

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I love it when people you guys’ age give your expert opinions on these topics.

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Sorry, that sounded so snide, but it was mostly affectionate. I just find that my own
marriage, which is a long-term one, is so complicated, so full of lessons, so
surprising, so slow to teach me its own rules… so I can’t make claims about it very easily.
I don’t think secrets are a good idea in a marriage. Privacy? sure. We don’t look at each other’s email, for example. But why would I want to have a secret
from this person? His body is my other body. His brain is my other brain. His soul is my soul. We trust each other because in a mystical way we ARE each other. I dunno.
It seems like the point of marriage is that you have this immense privilege, this amazing opportunity to let your guard all the way down. Why waste that?

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@ susanc: I’d give you 5 points if I could :) I have come across a few of your responses today, and can relate well to much of what you say.

@ hollister0221: Not everyone has secrets. I have learned tat there is no point to complicating life any more than it is already. I have struggled hard to overcome much in my life, and have learned to love myself as I am, I want those in my inner circle to also love me “as is”. Relationships built on false pretenses, secrets, and lies will inevitably fail.

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Moment of Truth is such an awful show. I saw the one where the wife admitted to wanting to cheat, thinking a lot about her ex during her wedding, wishing she married her ex, lying to her husband about pretty important stuff, and more. I can’t believe she answered all of that and then lost everything on the “Do you think you’re a good person?” question.

Bummer. (Plays the world’s smallest violin.) Se la vie.

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Thank you hearkat, I like you too.

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