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Can I book flights with two airlines w/out re-checking bags?

Asked by saservp (291points) April 28th, 2011

I have scored some seriously awesome airline miles with British Airlines, but I want to go to a destination they don’t fly too. Still, I can book a free ticket to London, and buy a second super-cheap ticket from london to another destination.

But since these are two separate purchases from two different airlines, is there any way to avoid having to go through customs in London, getting my bags, then getting back in line, rechecking my bags, etc? I.e. just get the bags checked all the way through to the final destination even though they are two tickets?

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Is it like a connection or are you going to stay for some time in London?
You could e-mail or call the airline and talk to them about it. It should be pretty easy. Though maybe you may need to pay a fee.

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Is the second destination in the UK? I believe in any case you will have to clear customs and recheck bags since it is a different airline. However, your best bet would be to ask BA or go to their Web site’s FAQ. Actually, we just flew back from Budapest via London and did not have to recheck bags in London so doublecheck it when booking. Leave more time if you do need to go through customs and recheck bags.

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no not in the uk… i figured i’d have to do the customs/checkin/security deal again, oh well, u get what you pay for :P

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No, you can’t.

Also, bear in mind that if you lose the second flights because the first one was delayed or canceled, neither airline will be liable.

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