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Where else on my body can I give myself an injection?

Asked by tinyfaery (43615points) April 28th, 2011

My wife is a wuss and cannot bring herself to give me my B12 injection. I used to go to the doctor to do it, but now she charges me and I just don’t have the time to go over there every two weeks.

It’s a intramuscular shot and my doc said the injection can go in my arm or my butt. I cannot position myself adequately to give myself a shot in my arm and the shot hurts SO MUCH when I inject it into my butt (don’t be juvenile).

Can’t I just inject my thigh muscle or something else?

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Yes… your thigh will do. Pinch it up and give it a jab.

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I don’t have a recommendation for the IM shot, but please be sure you really need the injection. My neighbor when she finally checked her b12 her number was sky high after those shots.

I had extremely low b12, below normal, and taking the pills sufficiently brought up my number. There are people who have a specific problem absorbing b12 and must get it by injection, but this is very few people.

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My sister in law is diabetic and shoots herself in the thigh all the time.

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My sister had to take IM shots, not of B12, but she used her thigh. I’m sure the thigh is fine.

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wait… I just caught this… why does a b12 shot have to be IM? If you have to take B12 for some reason, take it as a drop under you tongue.

Are you chronically anaemic? why are you taking the B12? Are you over 40?

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The thigh can be used for IM injections, though it’s not often used for them on adults. Before just switching to it, I’d make an appointment to go in with your doctor and have them show you the proper areas for IM injections on the thigh.

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Oh, and you have to make sure the needle is the right legnth depending on where you are doing the shot and how much fat you have in that area.

Many drug stores do b12 shots. You could pay a nurse to do it in your thigh once and show.

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I have pernicious anemia. I need the B12.

I’ll have to take a look at the syringes. I never thought about my fat. :(

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I think B12 is like the Depo shot..I could only get it in my butt or arm (I always chose butt because it hurt the muscle in my arm too much) Sorry not much help.

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upper arm area, almost to the shoulder very easy. Use the opposite hand bang easy.

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The vastus lateralis is used for little kids. You just might need a longer needle to get it in there depending on how you’re built. Ask the doctor. There are all kind of injection site guides on the web for nursing and med students that can give you an idea of what you’re dealing with. But check with the doctor to make sure that site will work and that you’re using the right legnth of needle. The gauge should probably be the same.

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If the penetration hurts, rather than the fluid injection itself, you can numb the area with a topical product. I suspect the fluid is what hurts – it may be acidic and burn. There are different mixtures/concentrations available, but you may have to inject more of it. It can be remade at a compounding pharmacy, at a cost that may not be covered by a drug plan. My friend gets a rather corrosive injection of something, and has got use to it. It’s important to rotate the sites also, for obvious reasons.
Have your wife try to practice with an orange – it has a resistance similar to your ass. It may just help her get over the whole spike problem. You can use a drape to cover your one-eyed starfish area, and pretend it’s something else she’s poking. Tell her she should be happy it isn’t an IV shot – that’s junkie, and that’s gross for sure. If you want to make it fun, have her draw up some vodka, and inject that into the orange. You know what to do from there.

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I had two friends (both ead now) who were diabetics both shott themselves in the belly because they said there was more fat there and les nerves.

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