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What do you do that makes you stand out?

Asked by Julietxx3 (712points) April 28th, 2011

What is special about you that makes you different from most of the people around you? What makes you stand out and shine?

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I can create detailed bunny shadows using only my penis, a spotted hankie & a wry smile!

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I am dark skinned. Most of my friends are white ;)
I like wearing bright colours, I always have something bright on me EVERYDAY.
I like food. I dress very nice, not to impress people but for myself and to make OOTD videos for Youtube and my blog.
I get compliments almost every single day and people always saying ” oh you always dress so nicely” it really brightens my day.
I love wearing big bold chunky jewelry.
I rocked a frohawk yesterday at school and man all the eyes were on me. Anyway I think I will be rocking it continuously this summer since its one of my favourite hair styles.
Ok now I think that I’ve gone side track….
I’ll stop here…

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I don’t stand out, I lurk in the background.

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Being 6 ft. 5 in. and weighing 245 pounds might have something to do with it.

Being tall sometimes has its disadvantages. I was assigned to the vice squad for one week. I stood out like a 1,000 watt light bulb and asked to be transferred. I was.

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When I’m in England with my SO who lives there in a small town, it brings out a dire curiosity of the locals as to what an American is doing there.

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My wit.
My writing.
My listening ability. I am genuinely interested in others.

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I stand out from most people because of my WEIRDNESS!
I practice making animal noises especially wolf howling.
I slept in a tree.
I love all my experiences even the bad ones like when I got lost in the woods when it was getting dark, and almost drowning.
I am fascinated with all things dark and “scary”
I’m fascinated with destructive nature like fire tornadoes.
I have a creepy obsession with studying serial killers.
The list of weirdnesses goes on.

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I have a really good attitude towards people. I try to be as courteous as possible. I am actually a very kind person.

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@Mikewlf337 That sure makes a person stand out. So many people these days are just plain rude. Whatever happened to being polite?

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Crack jokes a Lot? Then am very quiet for a long period of time.
Assume a “take charge” attitude followed by periods of submission. Weird. Or is it?

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I guess because I am so different, just like everyone else.

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I’m very intelligent and sarcastic. I’m a Russian, so in America, some people actually expect me to be a Russian whore or something.

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Yeah…..I just stand around a bunch of white people lol. As far as appearances, I don’t do anything to stand out. I don’t like strangers paying attention to me.

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I’m a teenager attempting to get into the Dharma. I know a lot of random facts that not many people are interested in. I zone out and/or meditate (sorta) in the middle of class. I have long, flowingly wavy hair, which is uncommon amongst my fellow guys. I’m more of a poetic type than a lot of other teens care to be. Yeah, that and being a high schooler where nobody truly fits in.

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I’m nice, helpful and friendly to others.

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I have this obsession with pillows. I like to squeeze, hug and cuddle with them, and stick my face in and make high pitched noises. However, I really don’t let people see that unless they’re close friends. So not much of anything. I walk really fast and I always look like I’m pissed, but so does half of everyone else around here haha.

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Belated. And thanks! I want one. ^^

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I’m kind of a nitwit and also a bit of a blowhard and kind of a tad quirky. That’s about it. I don’t have many characteristics that make me stand out in a “that girl is really going somewhere” kind of way, nothing that makes me stand out in a field of focused, competent, ambitious go-getters. And IRL I can really damn funny sometimes, really, I’m not just saying that. I have independent confirmation on that one, although my wit is not as quick as it once was. My brain is getting old and dried out.

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I’ve been called the ultimate “sexy schoolteacher”. Apparently I have pinup looks (I love pin ups so it’s okay) and a deep nerd core.

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My cheesecake, my flan, my chocolate cake, my pumkin pie and my lasanga.
And my kids say that no one can top my french toast of scramble eggs. If someone else offers to make it, they quickly chime in and say, let mom make it.

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