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Where can I get ROMs for my iPod nanos rockbox?

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) April 22nd, 2008 from iPhone

some specific games I’m looking for include mario bros. And pokemon yellow.

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but….why???.....pokemon makes no sense!

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Just Google for “gameboy <advanced/color/whatever> ROMs”, easy. Disclaimer: be sure that you own the games, I’m not sure if it’s legal otherwise.

@wildflower – Pokemon is the bomb! Well, was. Yellow was.

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they scare me….I really don’t get what they’re about..

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Clearly, you’ve never spent blood, sweat and tears to get one to lvl. 100 :P

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lol….that is true, I haven’t…..never felt an urge to either :P

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you should try it though, i remember we getting the game early (american import), people where going crazy for it…

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Thanks guys, you helped me a lot! :-)

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hehe….yea, guess sorry about the ‘threadjack’ – I just don’t get pokemon!

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I like the pokemon games, it’s the TV show that I don’t get! :-)
anyway, I did find the ROMs I was looking for and I own the games too so I guess it’s legal.

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I love my pokemon blue =]

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