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(Royal Wedding) We have our governor general David Lloyd Johnston representing Canada. Who is there from the US.

Asked by Jude (32134points) April 29th, 2011

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I’m not sure if there was anyone officially representing the U.S. at the wedding. I know that the president and his wife were not invited and I’m not sure if there was anyone invited in any kind of official capacity.

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It would certainly be proper for there to be Canadian officials present since you are under the crown. (is that how you say it, I’m not sure)

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according to the wikipedia guest list, it was the american ambassador, some rotund man named “Louis B. Susman ”

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@ragingloli is right. All ambassadors were invited, with the exception of the ones from Syria and Lybia.

The Obamas were not invited.

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This wasn’t to be a state occasion as much as they could get away from it. So heads of state (when they weren’t also royals) weren’t invited unless they were still politically associated with England. Australia and Canada, for instance. The royal heads of state were invited because they’re royals. The Obamas were NOT excluded for any reason other than this fact.

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ummmm Prince William is 1/16 American, so I guess him.
I can’t wait for the day that William is crowned and King George III rolls over in his grave.

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@blueiiznh so technically the US was represented by none other than the groom himself LOL, No need to invite anyone else when you have representation like that

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@creative1 As has been previously said, there was an ambassador there from America. He represented the country like other ambassadors represented their countries.

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Michelle Obama would have likely attended but she wasn’t invited. Those evil racist British!

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We fought a revolution so that we wouldn’t have to bow or curtsy to a foreign king or queen.

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Don’t be haters, kids. :)

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Barbra Walters?

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@klutzaroo I think the groom and prince trumps any ambassador.

Really I don’t care who was at or invited to the wedding I feel a wedding should be a private affair between two people who love each other and not about the people invited to it.

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With all those hats I kept thinking I saw Lady Gaga…

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Presidents are not typically invited to royal weddings so that is why the Obama’s did not go.

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@adventuretime Actually, when its a state event, they are. This was not.

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How could they invite all kinds of oil dictators and not think to invite the Obamas… hmmm

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@zen The oil dictators who are also royalty? Hmmmm…

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because Obama is the leader of a traitorous colony, obviously

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