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Will you help me think of something to do for my husband's birthday? (see details)

Asked by Ladymia69 (6876points) April 29th, 2011

I want to do something sweet and romantic, but not the old boring standards of dinner and roses and sex, blah blah blah.

I want to do something creative and odd, yet loving and thoughtful. Any ideas?

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What are his interests?

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Boring sex?

You’re doing it wrong.

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@WestRiverrat He’s into music. He makes music, actually.

@WasCy I did not say our sex was boring. I said the whole dinner, movie, sex formula is boring.

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You should write him a song and sing it to him! Then have some hot, nasty sex.

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Have you decided on a gift for him?

What about a treasure hunt, with clues sending him from place to place, maybe to some places that are special to your relationship, with little presents and the main gift at the end?

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Get his bandmates to help you kidnap him.

Have them tie him up and leave him in an old barn or an empty house (you can probably find a realtor that will rent you an empty house for a night or two).

Have some wine and a picnic dinner ready.

Then you can either be the cop that rescues him or the mob boss that has her way with him.

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@KatetheGreat That’s a great idea!

@Seelix It’s funny you said that, because that is exactly what I was thinking of doing! Only I was going to do it on a micro scale, setting photos up in certain places in our apartment, leading him from place to place and then finally in the closet, where, like Kate said, i can have a recording ready of a song I wrote and sung for him!

It is really uncanny that you predicted what i was already thinking!

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@WestRiverrat Haha! That’s a great idea as well…but I am not into going through so much trouble.

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Can you set up an appt. to use a recording studio and so you and your hubby can record a duet of one of your favorite songs, or one that either you or he or a close friend wrote? Do you sing well? If not, maybe part of it could be auto-tuned, just to clean it up a little bit.

And a non-music idea. Do you have a friend that is a decent photographer that could take a series of romantic (not nude or disgusting, unless you’re into that) photographs of you guys together? My cousin did that for her engagement photos and then they put them together in a little Powerpoint presentation set to music. But they had pictures taken all over the place, in the park, at the beach, on their couch, with their dogs. But you could also have slightly more intimate photos of you guys, on your bed, with or without clothing (discreet). There are also online services that will put your photos into a real book (not a photo album) but an actual bound book. Sorry I don’t have a link for that, but maybe someone else can help with that.

If you have an existing photo of the two of you together, there is another online service that can take that photo and turn it into a “painting”. My sister in law did that with a picture of my baby nephew and gave it to my brother and he wept when he saw it. I don’t think this is the exact service that she used, but here is an example of what I’m talking about.

Or along the lines of the treasure hunt, plan a day and evening of going to all the places that have meaning to you. Go to the place where you first met, and if friends were involved, try to get them to show up to. Then go to the place where you had your first date, had your first intimate experience, and then rent the first movie that you saw together and try to dine at the place you first had a meal together. If you can get the help of a photographer friend to show up ahead of you and photograph each of these moments, that could be really fun.

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Take him to the tivoli… how do you call them in the states? Amusement Park… I think .
Anyway take him to one of those. You two should try and enjoy those old good days when you were younger. I am sure it will bring back memories from your childhood.
You could buy plane tickets and fly somewhere together.
You could just go for a week holiday to CABO or something and just enjoying the relaxation.

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Live music concert
Hot air balloon ride
ATV tour
Afternoon on a lake canoeing, sailing or jet-skiing
Wine train tour
Race car driving school
Picnic in a treehouse
Camp out in a tent
Favorite sport team event tickets
His friends over for a BBQ
Visit to a cigar bar or whiskey bar

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If you like to camp, but don’t have the time or wherewithall to pack up all of your tent stuff and camping supplies, you could rent one of those small-sized RV’s and go on a long weekend camping. Especially if you have some nice campgrounds that are near your town.

Or have a naked camping trip in your back yard (with a tent of course). If you have one of those portable fire pits (or you can borrow one from a friend) you can toast marshmallows and make s’mores.

You could get all of your friends and family to write a little paragraph on why they think your hubby is so special, then paste or transcribe them into a book. You can get regular paper that you use for your computer printer spiral bound at Kinkos or other copy places. So you are basically making your book yourself, except for the spiral bound part.

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A weekend trip with no cell phones. Pack his clothes and whisk him away after work. Tell everyone who needs to know that you will be gone for the weekend. Arrange time off with his boss if he works weekends. Reserve a suite at a nice hotel with a hot tub in it and a kitchenette. Arrange to have all his favorite foods and spend the whole weekend having crazy ass sex. Live out his fantasies.
Take him to fine resturants and search for areas that have dancing.
Oh, pick a hotel by the beach if possible. Nothing like hearing ocean waves at night when your wrapped up in each others arms.
I know you said its boring to have dinner and sex. But not if you do it right.
Rekindle the romance like when you first dated and only lived to please each other and you felt it was just you two in the whole world.
Buy some sex toys and experiment. It will be a birthday he never forgets.

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I like the song idea but I think a surprise weekend away, where you have packed a bag for him and just take him away to a great place you know he will love. I like @Pandora‘s idea very much and if you can play a guitar, you could even sing him the song you wrote him in a romantic setting.

Hope he loves whatever you choose @ladymia69

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@ladymia69 – They say great minds think alike! ;)

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