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What does the Royal family actually do?

Asked by Paul (2717points) April 29th, 2011

They just seem rather pointless to me (and I’m British)!

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I don’t know what they do besides enhance the British tourism and clothing trades.

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I would guess they make appearances and represent Great Britain. Many have served in the military. Some royals have regular jobs, the more distant relations to the Queen.

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I heard they get paid the money that british people pay as taxes. COME ON NOW I don’‘t think thats fair.
Other than that I have no clue to what they actually do.

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They rule the country, obviously.

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@queenie Not in England. England is a democracy with elected political officials.

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It must really be hard to figure out what they do if a British person doesn’t even know.

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Sleep with the help, leech off the productive people, that sort of thing.

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@FPSMadPaul I’m cornfused, you live there and don’t even know what they do?..............

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@nailpolishfanatic Each person in England pays about one English pound for the royal family. Most spend more in a day on things like snacks than they pay in a year for the royals.

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They serve as figureheads. They make appearances. They support charities with money and by making appearances at dinners and things where people will pay to sit in a room with a royal, no matter how far away. They act as ambassadors. Most of them have jobs other than this. Most of the men serve in the military. For example, William has a regular job with the Royal Air Force as a rescue helicopter pilot.

They do a lot. But it depends on the royal what specifically they want to take on.

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They are just there as some sort of historical icon, really. They serve as something for the poor people to look up to.

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They exist, it’s enough.

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Behave royally

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If you look at the profiles of each royal family member on this website you can get a general idea of what they do. Some of the profiles even have a “day in the life of….” section. For everyone that assumes the royal family just sit around and live off the tax payers money I would love you to swap places with them for the day. I believe that Queen (who also pays taxes) and Princess Anne are two of the hardest working Royals but the others do pay their own way. They also do a lot of charity work which should never be sniffed at. Prince Charles’ charity group “is the largest multi-cause charitable enterprise in the United Kingdom, raising over £100million annually. The organisations are active across a broad range of areas including opportunity and enterprise, education, health, the built environment and responsible business”

The individual tax payer pays less than £1 towards the royal family per year which is nothing considering the amount they bring into the country through tourism alone. Also, the royal family pay out more than they recieve in tax payers money.

I don’t have a problem with people who don’t agree with the Royal family if they have done their research but to say the royal family sit around living off of the tax payers money is ignorant.

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The Windosrs perpetuate the notion that it’s who you are rather than what you are that is important in the UK.

@Leanne1986 Elizabeth Windsor pays taxes only on the income she gets for opening up Buckingham Place to paying visitors. All her other income is tax free. Given that she doesn’t own Buckingham Palace, but lives in it rent-free, ALL the income from visitors should come to the taxpayer. Being grateful for the crumbs from the ill-gotten table is quite sad.

If £1 a year per taxpayer is find and dandy, can you do a whip round from your friends and family for a quid each and send it to me? After all, it’s only a small sum…

What a puzzle, how France is full of tourists, despite having got ride of their monarchy over 200 years ago. What are they all doing there? We have so much to offer visitors to these islands that to think a bunch of inbred, odious buffoons are the best we’ve got is quite offensive.

If I was as rich as Charles Windsor with so little to do except expectantly wait for his mother to die I might set up a charity for other people to run in my name too. His ‘philanthropy’ doesn’t disguise the fact that here is a man so indolent that he has a servant squeeze his toothpaste onto the brush for him. And he’s going to be your king.

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Ugh. What a waste. Monarchy is an outdated, repulsive, ridiculous practice that no one should pay attention to. If no one paid attention, the practice would simply die. After all, what good is it to be a Royal if no one is paying attention?

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No one here knows. If we ever found out I suspect we would have to take them out and shoot them.

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