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How do I add TOPICS to my profile? Am having a real blonde day.

Asked by BeccaBoo (2725points) April 29th, 2011

Please help, call me stupid but I cannot seem to find where i add topics to my profile. Can anyone help?

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I think one way is to hover your cursor over a topic in an OP, and then click on the option to add it.

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Thank you. My moment has gone, now having a frenzied topic adding session. Oooo what fun :-)

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Right now, the only way is to hover over a topic anywhere you see one you’d like to add. You can find them on other people’s questions, in the topics cloud, or by using the search box to look for a particular topic.

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You can modify the URL too..

So <—Actual topic

Could become

Then click Add to Profile.

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^ very cool.

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You’d better hope Jonsblond or her hubby don’t get wind of this Q and read the title.

So, can I call you stupid for disparaging every blond person on the planet? Or would that just be too obvious?

:D :D

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@Buttonstc I knew after i wrote that someone was going to take it the wrong way, was said tongue in cheek. But if I have offended anyone then I am truly sorry :-)

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Mine was tongue in cheek as well (hence the smileys included)

However, when someone writes “call me stupid but…” it does make it difficult for anyone to turn down such a lovely tempting invitation ;D

I mean, when you leave the door that wide open…

Just sayin’


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I must be having a bitchy brunette day. I take offense to this question. :P

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