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What's a good workout for a 16 year old boy? (any help appreciated!).

Asked by n00bsicle (22points) April 29th, 2011

Okay so to be honest I’m not that strong and really skinny right now. My main goal is to bulk up and put on some muscle weight. I don’t have much equipment at home and it would be hard for me to go to the gym. I have a pair of 5 pound dumbbells but that’s about it (except this wierd seesaw thingy i have). Any help would be great thanks!

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You can improvise. Jump rope. Get a chinning bar that you can attach to a door frame. Fill empty ½ gallon jugs with sand or soil or gravel. Bench press your dog, cat or younger sister. Run up and down the stairs.

Plant several trees on the property; that requires serious digging and lifting.

Clean the garage. Sprint around the block 25 times. Use your ingenuity.

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What @gailcalled said. My arms bulked up when I started babysitting a baby, and again when my roommate got a puppy. Inserting the lifting of heavy things into your daily routine will work wonders on its own!

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Push-ups and sit-ups would be a remarkable start in the right direction to build up strong arm muscles and strong core.
Start seeing how many you can do each day and try to increase it a bit each week.

You could even just start by saying: Every commercial break I will do push-ups until the program comes back on.

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(and p.s. – Welcome to Fluther!)

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If you don’t live in a city you can do yard work. You’ll be surprised how much pushing a mower and doing weeding and trimming bushes and raking can build up your strength and at the same time you can make some money.

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try cross fitness exercises.

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Can you get a pull-up bar? Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, and lunges will get you in pretty decent shape.

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Push-ups and Sit-ups are the easy way to start. You can Youtube videos that will help you out with this as well. There is an 8-minute abs video that will build up your core in a matter of weeks. @nikipedia is right, that really all you need to do! I would also encourage you to do wind sprints after you run a couple of miles. If you run 2 miles, then do 10–20 forty yard wind sprints after to increase your endurance and that will help build up your leg muscles.

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@n00bsicle Welcome to Fluther. That’s an excellent question.

Can you talk your folks into getting you a dumbbell set? With 5 pounders already on hand, a set going from 10 to 40 would get you well along. Here’s a 10 to 50 lb set that’s not terribly expensive. Maybe your folks would order it for you and let you do chores to earn it.

The good thing about the adjustable sets are they don’t clutter up one whole corner of a room with weights. If you think you can cut a deal to get a set, let me know and I can give you a great workout plan that lets you alternate between cardio (which gives you stamina and great health benefits) on even numbered days and freeweight lifting (which is what builds the bulk) on even numbered days.

The reason for putting cardio on even days is you can do back-to-back cardio without problems. So doing them on the 31st and again on the 1st of the following month is no problem. But your body needs a day to recover from freeweight lifting. Doing that without at least one day off will actually work against muscle weight rather than building it.

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Well when I was 16, sex was a pretty good workout, but it just seems wrong to recommend that one, so I’ll go with pull-up’s (a guy who can do several pull-ups is always sexy to watch).

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While doing all these muscle and power building activities as suggested, make sure you are getting enough sleep as well.

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Ride your bike places. Get a physically demanding after-school job – cart-pusher is phenomenally good exercise. Do yard work. See if anybody needs digging done.
I could never get behind exercise for its own sake; I want to be doing something.

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While the summer coming up, you could go outdoor and doing a landscaping on your yard or neighbor. Or do as dogwalker

Landscaping: is more like as mowing the lawn, pulls weeds, doing garden, and/or planting trees/flowers.

Dogwalker: you can put on newspaper as being dogwalker and walk many dogs as possible for others.

There go you have other idea relate excising at outdoor. Good luck

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@n00bsicle BTW welcome to Fluther!

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Thanks guys! Sorry for my late reply. Anyways can you guys maybe give me some numbers because most of the answers are general. For example if I want to do pushups how many should I start doing a day and work up to? How many calories should I eat etc. AHhh im just tired of being really skinny

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@n00bsicle Pushups aren’t going to build a lot of bulk. They will tone up your arms and chest, but to build bulk, you need to life free weights. Here’s a good resource on various dumbbell exercises to target specific muscle groups. They show 75 different exercises, but you don’t need anything near that. Pick one for each muscle group.

To build bulk, use the heaviest weight for each exercise that you can handle for at leat 5 repetitions. When you are able to comfortably do 8 reps., go up by 5 pounds and repeat the process. Going past 8 reps is counterproductive for building bulk. ANy high rep exercise (like pushups once you get good at doing them) will tone, but not build lots of bulk.

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Get that mindset right. No longer refer to yourself as a boy. From here on out you are simply a human male who is going to exercise to get stronger, not necessarily buff or ripped. I feel too many people go about working out the wrong way. If you’re a normal person doing normal daily activities there’s no need to be a body lifter.

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